10 Affordable Coworking Spaces in London (2022) – BEST Prices and perks

10 Affordable Coworking Spaces in London (2022) – BEST Prices and perks

London is a city brimming with vibrant colours all around. Not only it is the most populous city in the UK, but you will find a vast presence of diversity and harmony in the city. A city that resonates harmony is very much acquainted with the shared workspace culture. That is why every coworking space London has a set of efficient qualities that will only help you advance your business or startup towards a new level of success. There are some co-work spaces that are described by their space design ideas and others have the most fantastic community culture. Every part of this city has at least one coworking space. Be it Shoreditch, Holborn or even the boroughs you will find a good workplace in London that will suit your requirements. These places have been at the helm of enabling success for freelancers, startups, SME’s and large scale businesses. So, what type of coworking space are you looking for in London?

Read through the list to find out which is your desired coworking space in the lively city of London.

Soho Works

Soho Works

Soho-Works is an integral part of the Soho House and Co. that is way beyond the scope of an everyday coworking space London. This workspace majorly caters to the entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups that are working in the creative industry. They provide all-round services to the members, which include 24*7 access, expert help, events, tech support, beverages, food, and whatnot. This coworking space in East London is best known for its culture and encouraging ecosystem. Location: The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High StreetWebsite: https://sohoworks.com/Membership: There are various plans to choose from at Soho, you can either go for a hot desk in the common sitting area. Or hire a shared permanent desk which also has a locker within your desk. The study plan is where you can get a whole room that accommodates up to 10 people. This East London Co-working hub also provides separate plans for the day and night usage of the desks. 

The Allbright

The Allbright


Allbright is a women-only business club that encompasses the elements of coworking and community events. At the Allbright coworking space, the businesswomen of London gather to discuss ideas, thoughts, processes, strategies and develop with each other’s support. There are various clubs in the name of shared work hubs and they have become the ultimate destination for all women members to rise up and shine. They can work from here, conduct meetings, conferences, events and much more. They have everything that can help make a woman feel better within the work compound. This includes food, fashion, and work. Beauty with Brains, right?Locations: 

  • 11 Rathbone Place24-26 Maddox Street

Website: https://www.allbrightcollective.com/Pricing: The Standard Membership plan at this women-oriented coworking space London will cost you £1300/year and £3150 for 3 years. Apart from the Under 30 plans is more on the affordability side and will cost you £1000/year. For the standard plan, there is an additional registration fee of £300 and it is £200 for the under-30 plan. 

Campus London

Campus London

coworking-space2-london-campusEver thought about working for Google? Of Course, everyone does. But how about working in a startup coworking space London that too under Google’s guidance. Campus London is an amazing startup incubator cum accelerator that works with the supervision of Google. You will be selected based on different criteria before you start working from here. There are various programs that will help every startup launch and scale with a better vision and guidance. From startup schools to summits there is a lot to learn from and grow only at London’s own startup launchpad.Location: 4-5 Bonhill StreetWebsite: https://www.campus.co/london/enPrograms: Various residency programs are curated to help startups progress and scale. Through these programs, you will get direct support from Google and the ability to leverage resources which are also facilitated by the Internet giant. The startup cafe what you can join once you have decided to launch and scale your venture. Campus London is a rather unique and innovative coworking space. 

Central Coworking

Central Coworking

coworking-central-space-london-pictureThis Co-working space in London knows what you need and will create a services portfolio that is best for your business. This shared workspace believes that a business is more than a job and an office space should also be more than a monotonous workplace. This is where you can find a purpose for your business and make merry with the efficient resources and services facilitated by them. From the best services to an amazing support structure, Central coworking has got you covered. Locations: You can work from any one of the 7 Central coworking space London. 

  • Bloomsbury: 11-13 Bayley StreetFarringdon: 86-88 Clerkenwell RoadPaddington: 2 Kingdom StreetVictoria: 25 Eccleston Place

Website: https://centralworking.com/Become a Member: There are three options available for you at Central Coworking in London. The Drop-In plan will give you access to the workspace clubs and other perks. To get a dedicated desk here, you need to go for the Resident Plan and further you can also go for Private office memberships at this London coworking space.

The Office Group

The Office Group

london-TOG-coworking-spaceTOG has taken upon themselves to transform the traditional British office culture and add a flavour of collaboration and connectivity to it. Working from here means that you will be under the auspices of one of the largest coworking spaces in London. The intricate services that look after you every need and the beautifully designed workplaces infuse inspiration and encourage efficiency in all the members. The lounge areas excite the member to come together and discuss, debate and deliberate over ideas. The best thing is that you will find almost every kind of business and professional working here. The space is in proximity to Practical Nursing Agency London.

Locations: With more than 30 different and beautiful workspaces spread all across the city, TOG is leading the way. 

  • 2 Angel Square201 Borough High Street12 Red Lion SquareThe Shard 32 London Bridge Street256-260 Old Street

Website: https://www.theofficegroup.com/Members: The coworking membership at the Office Group will allow you to use any of the 17 workspaces under their banner. This means that you will be able to work from any TOF coworking space London with a single pass. The hot desk begins from £375/month  and the dedicated desk begins from £550/month. 


WeWork London

london-wework-coworking2It is the We Company we are talking about now. One of the most beautiful and expansive coworking space London, you will find that there are 50 different locations in the city itself. WeWork has been at the helm of steering this unique culture of shared workspaces not only in London but all across the globe. They will help you grow your business, hone your skills and progress faster than the speed of light. Are you up for it?Locations: Well, I cannot list all the 50 workspaces by The We Company in London, but here are a few of them:

  • 5 Merchant SquareThe Monument: 51 Eastcheap77 Leadenhall StreetNorth West House: 119 Marylebone Road1 Waterhouse Square

Website: https://www.wework.comPrices and Plans: WeWork London has a wide range of desk and private office prices. These are set as per the workspace location and facilitation of services. Starting out, you can hire a hot desk at as low as £200/month and the upper limit is £550/month. Further, there are dedicated desks whose prices begin from £300/month and goes to £650/month. Private offices at WeWork will cost you between £660 to £4300 per month. 

Forge and Co

Forge and Co

forge-and-co-londonCoworking, but with a twist of lip-smacking cuisines and an amazing bar. How does this sound? Awesome, right? Well, Forge and Co London will give you a new kind of social space where collaboration and cohesion are the most important. They have built an infectious culture of positivity all around. For the members, they have provided a lounge bar, modern grill kitchen and most of all, ergonomic desks and seating options. This is what you can call a unique and culture-loving coworking space based in London. Location: 154-158 Shoreditch High StreetWebsite: http://forgeandco.co.uk/Membership Plans: You can find a hot desk, dedicated desk, studios, and event spaces at this co-working space London. More than that, Forge and Co will give you access to the rooftop terrace and also day beds. The prices for all these spaces have to be inquired directly from the website. 



makerversity-coworking-space-london2You are looking at one of a kind makerspace in London which has an inspiring environment overall. As a creative maker space, they accommodate entrepreneurs, creatives, tech-enthusiasts, craftsmen, and engineers. All the more, providing them with all kinds of modern machines, tools, and equipment to help them realize their ideas. There are several businesses already operating from here and making their way towards success. They also run programmes for the younger generation to bring out their creative sides onto the table. 

Location: Old Post Room, Somerset House, Victoria Embankment, LondonWebsite: https://makerversity.org/Join Them: At Makerversity you have the chance to work from a free coworking space London. One of their plans (Makers with a Mission) provides 6 months of charge-free desk space but the admittance is subject to some conditions. Moreover, with Makerveristy, you can also hire a dedicated desk at £390/month and a hot desk at £240/month. For the members who are under 25 years of age, the first three months are free. 

Runway East

Runway East

east-coworking-space-runwayWhen it comes to startups, they need a cushioned platform to launch and a protective environment to expand. Well, both of these aspects are ever-present at Runway East. The location, surroundings, environment, culture, community everything is just perfect at Runway East. Apart from this, you will be working from a cheap coworking space London relative to other workspaces in the same area. At the core, this shared hub has a special place for entrepreneurs and new businesses. Locations: You can work at any one of the three coworking spaces in London by Runway East:

  • 20 Thomas Street66 Old Compton Street10 Finsbury Square

Website: https://runwayea.st/ Members: Hot desks at Runway East are available for a cost of £199/month and the individual desks comes at £399 a month. You can also hire a private office at this shared workspace which will cost you £500 a month/person. A special Scale-Up Space is also available for startups that are looking to expand costing £400 for days per person. 

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Clubhouse-coworking-londonIt is important to take care of your business and that is why Adam Blaskey established this coworking space in London. A workspace such as this will help you impress your clients, conduct meetings, hold conferences and leverage from the supportive community. Every kind of business can flourish at the Clubhouse because they have curated an environment that can make anything happen. Growth is their motto and efficiency is how they plan to achieve it.You can find them at:

  • Mayfair: 50 Grosvenor HillSt James’s: 8 St, James’s SquareBank: 1 Angel CourtHolborn Circus: 20 Andrew Street

Website: https://www.theclubhouselondon.comPricing: You can be an Executive member, a club member or a House member at this coworking space London. It all starts with the executive plan that will cost you £1200 per year. The Club membership, on the other hand, comes at £3250 for single-member and £7450 for multiple members. These costs are set for one year. The house plan is the real deal as it will give you full access to everything that The Clubhouse London has to offer. The cost is £4850 per year and the corporate plan is priced at £11450 pa. 


TechHub London

london-coworking-techhub-space1Techpreneurs or is it tech-entrepreneurs? Well, this coworking space is for both types of London based startups from the tech world. There is a vast network waiting for you at this workspace which has a global outreach. For the startups and new entrepreneurs, they also provide support programmes, welcoming community support and local expertise. You will have the freedom to work at any time from a desk space of your choice. They help grow and support all kinds of startups and businesses along with assisting them to expand their outreach to the global audience. Location: 1-15 Clere Street

Website: https://www.techhub.com/Seating Options: Whether you are a team of people or like to work alone, techhub coworking space London has a solution for you. The Drop-In (Flex) seats are available for the weekdays and will cost you £600/annum. Moreover, the resident or dedicated seat access comes at £350/month. For a team office here you will have to pay £1800/month. 


Huckletree Coworking

huckletree-coworking-london-image2Collaboration is the buzzword at Huckletree, a coworking space London that is skewed towards the business acceleration. From startups to global brands, Huckletree is the one-stop solution for all kinds of business needs in today’s economy. This workspace is where you can be inspired by curiosity all around. The members have an amazing aura of efficiency and together everybody at Huckletree London coworking space aim to solve a problem, take risks and change the future. Locations: You can join at 5 Huckletree locations in the city:

  • Public Hall: Westminister, 1 Horse Guards AvenueSoho: 44 Ingestre Place, Ingestre CourtWest: White City Place, Media Works, 191 Wood LaneShoreditch: 18 Finsbury Square, The Alphabeta BuildingClerkenwell: 87 Charterhouse Street

Website: https://www.huckletree.comPricing options: At this coworking space you can work from a desk space or also get your own studio space. The desks are divided into light, unlimited and resident plans. The pricing for these options begins at £175, £280, and £420/month respectively. Moreover, the studio space or a private office with them starts at £550 per month. 



uncommon-london-imageUn-common is inspired to provide flexible workspace to those who are looking for a better place to work and grow. A lot of coworking spaces in London facilitate amenities and services to the members. But at the Uncommon London, you will find a unique mix of such perks that will not only benefit the members but also provide them with a balanced culture. You will be working in an office lush with greenery and complimented with encouraging sounds all around. Location: Uncommon is present in four different locations across the city:

  • Highbury and Islington: 25 Horsell Road, Highbury EastBorough: 1 Long LaneFulham: 126 New King’s Road, Fulham34-37 Liverpool Street

Website: https://uncommon.co.uk/Want to join them? Well, you can get a day pass, a weekend pass, hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices at this coworking space London. The day passes and weekend passes range will cost you £20 and £35, respectively. For a hot desk, the starting price is £249/month and the same for a dedicated desk is £350 for 30 days. Lastly, the prices for a coworking office space London begins from £399 per month. 


Work.Life Workspace

worl-life-cowokring-london-spacesLooking for your ideal workspace? Well, this coworking space in the heart of London may be just what you need right now. Work.Life is a co-working hub that ensures that there is always a balance between your work and life. That you do not miss on the small things of life and substitute them with work, work, and work. Once here, you will be more productive, more efficient and learn to be optimal in your business. For happiness and business success are directly proportional to each other and this is exactly how you will be able to work at Work.Life coworking space London.  Locations: You can find this cocktail of a balanced work and life in 7 places across London. 

  • Bermondsey: 5-7 Tanner StreetCamden: 13 Hawley CrescentFitzrovia: 33 Foley StreetLondon Fields: 1E Mentmore Terrace

Website: https://work.lifePrices and plans: The Flex membership plan is for occasional visitors and will cost you £4 per hour. Hot desking is kept under the Local Plan and it will cost you £200 a month. The private offices are also available with them and the pricing starts at £385 per month. And did I mention that you can also bring your pupper along?


Regus Coworking

coworking-regus-image1Think of all the adjectives that personify the word BIG, and just add Regus to them, you will get what this coworking space London is all about. Regus has a global presence and this is the most amazing factor about them. The global connectivity, networking opportunities and self-reliant environment that they have built for the members is what everyone loves about this shared workspace. In every major city, you will find a slew of office, coworking and lounge spaces by Regus. Locations: London is not aloof, they have around 95 coworking spaces in London. Some of them are listed below:

  • Strand: Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon StreetSt James: 4th Floor, Rex House, 4-12 Regent StreetMappin House, Oxford Street2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley SquareHolborn: 88 Kingsway

Website: https://www.regus.com/Pricing: You will have the option to either go for the lounge membership or the coworking plans or even hire an office at Regus’s London coworking spaces. The coworking options start from £199 a month and the office hiring prices begin from £349/month. The prices for all the addresses can vary as per their location, perks and other amenities. 


London is an amazing city, period. Everything about it is just awesome and if you are planning to start a business here, the coworking spaces are your best channel. These shared workspaces will catalyze each and every aspect that is required for you to grow and succeed. Every coworking space London is like fuel to your engine and giving a spark to this fuel is the end motive of the community. The admiring halls, shared work areas, studios, offices, lounges, rooftops and whatnot, everything will help be better than you were yesterday. London is no doubt an amazing city. It feels like success and happiness is embedded in its very air. More than this, you will find comfort, support, and camaraderie in almost every coworking space London. Any entrepreneur or freelancer needs a constant supply of motivation that keeps them engaged in what they do. in the end, it is that will to keep on going and do something more which is going to be your big break. So, strap yourself in and be ready to enter a world of success with some of the best coworking spaces in the city of London.