October 26, 2018 at 04:00AM

Every once in a while, Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness blesses his Instagram followers with yoga flows that give the viewer an ASMR-like, soothing effect. But actually having the Fab Five’s grooming guru act as your instructor? That sounds like straight-up bliss, which is why we asked the yogi—who has been practicing asanas since he was 19-years old—to share a stress-busting flow that you can do anytime life feels hard.

“Yoga is so much about breathing. It’s linking movement with breath, and [it] doesn’t have to be fancy moves set to an Ariana Grande song.” —Jonathan Van Ness

“Yoga started as something I did to take care of my outside and stay in shape, but I realized it helped my insides too—more. It keeps me calm,” Van Ness tells me. “Yoga is so much about breathing. It’s linking movement with breath, and [it] doesn’t have to be fancy moves set to an Ariana Grande song.” To start feeling those inner benefits, you’ll first need to set the scene. “Make a gorgeous pot of tea to get into the mind-set,” JVN, who just partnered up with Lipton, says. Once your steaming mug is within reaching distance of your mat, you’re ready to flow.

Try this stress-busting yoga flow from Jonathan Van Ness


1. Start seated

“Do a ground series. It might not be flashy, but it can help you ground down,” he says. Start in a seated posture with your legs either criss-crossed or folded underneath. Stay still with a “tall spine for 30 seconds,” he says.

2. Spinal twist

From your seated posture, take a spinal twist on each side “to get your gorgeous juices going.”

3. Hip opener

Next, move into double pigeon by remaining upright, and stacking your right ankle over your left knee and you left ankle under your right knee. Then switch sides. “If that’s ouchy on your hips, then thread the needle,” he advises. To do so, start in child’s pose, then weave one arm underneath your body, extending the other arm straight out in front of you. Repeat on the opposite side.

“When you slow down, its good for busting stress. A quick flow might get you sweaty, but it wont necessarily calm your mind,” concludes the asana-lover. Namaste to that.

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