November 19, 2018 at 07:37AM

Just like treadmill runners, bikers, and even boxers, rowers, too, can now WFH (work out from home). In August of this year, a company called True Rowing released a sleek domestic rower that powers consumers sweat sessions with live-streaming classes taught by the United States National Rowing team. And earlier this month, CityRow joined the virtual (river) race with CityRow Go—an on-demand streaming service that allows you to row with the boutique studio’s impressive roster of instructors at home or your local gym via the app.

Your very own CityRow Machine by WaterRower will cost you $1,395, plus $19 a month to subscribe to the streaming content (which is slightly more affordable than True Rowing’s offering). But if the actual machine doesn’t quite fit into your budget—or in your living room, for that matter—you can still take the app with you to the gym and power row there instead. The app will offer classes taught by CityRow’s studios in Michigan and New York in 20 to 50 minute sessions, so you can choose between “Cardio+Core” (a combo of rowing and mat workouts), “Just Rowing” (high-intensity rowing intervals), or their “Signature Class” (high-intensity rowing intervals paired with weighted strength training).

“In today’s on-demand world, we want to bring the magic of CityRow classes to consumers across the country,” says Helaine Knapp, the company’s founder and CEO. “With our incredible new rower and app experience, CityRow Go allows consumers nationwide who can’t get to a class or studio to get the signature CityRow burn from the comfort of their own home, working 84 percent of their muscles with every stroke in a safe and effective workout.”

Rowers, are you ready oar not? (Sorry, had to…)

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