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December 14, 2018 at 07:56AM

George originally wore the cardigan in a 2016 family portrait, which was commissioned for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday (see the photo here).

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It’s not the first time Charlotte’s worn it. After Prince Louis was born, Kensington Palace released a pic of the new big sister wearing (you guessed it) George’s cardigan.

Hate to say it, George, but now that it’s been taken twice, that cardigan might be Charlotte’s now …

While his sister was wearing his clothes, George opted for a rare fashion change of his own — the tot ditched shorts in favor of pants. Usually George is dressed in shorts in a “very English” move that was supposed to last until he’s 8, according to People.

“It is considered very suburban for a little boy to be in long trousers when he is just a little boy,” a royal commenter said.

Apparently the times are changing.

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