December 21, 2018 at 03:30AM

Deviled eggs are strangely polarizing: Some people can’t get enough of them, while others steer clear in search of something that doesn’t contain a cup and a half of mayonnaise. But a tiny tweak to the simple, occasion-versatile recipe can bridge that divide at any potluck. Deviled eggs, meet your new pal: avocado.

An Instagram account dedicated to the healthy green fat, @avosfromperu recently posted a photo of the reimagined party classic. “Just because they are deviled eggs doesn’t mean they have to be completely unhealthy,” reads the caption. “Adding #avocado to your deviled eggs can make them even creamier and a little bit more nutritious.” And because it looks about as delectable as, well, anything else topped off with avocado, I searched the web for more ideas.


An avocado works splendidly as a creamy, flavor-rich replacement for the mayonnaise in your go-to deviled eggs recipe, according to Foolproof Living. Using a less complex recipe of only eight ingredients, Food Network’s Katie Lee supplements half a cup of mayonnaise with one avocado to create an extra silky texture. So basically, take your pick—the egg-white depth is your limit! Either way, you’ll end up with the ultimate millennial take on a holiday favorite.

If you’re the one planning the party, never fear. Here’s how to throw together a fanciful fête in 20 minutes and how to give it a French-girl twist
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Author Kells McPhillips | Well and Good
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