January 23, 2019 at 08:29AM by CWC

After every intense workout, I can always count on the presence of wet hair in my face, bright red cheeks, and sweat stains across my favorite activewear top. If I’m extra lucky, sometimes there’s even a smear or two of jet-black “waterproof” mascara around my eyes. It’s a #lewk and I’ve come to accept it. But then there are times when I need to pull myself together after a workout and I cant just embrace the sweat. For those occasions, I’m thankful that Victoria Beckham has discovered a formula that should take me from hot mess to haute mess in double-quick time.

Beckham is famous for making even the simplest pieces look like high-fashion. I’m hardly surprised that she has a three-step rule that helps her avoid looking like a sweaty mess after the gym. “A baseball cap—definitely—because after a workout, the hair can look questionable,” she said at a Reebok event on Wednesday. “Also, a good pair of sunglasses and an oversized men’s tailored coat over the top of your workout clothes. There you go—you just made yourself look very chic.”


A baseball cap and sunglasses? I can definitely do that. Plus, it’ll save me a whole lot of money on sweat-soaking dry shampoo. And when my fiancé questions me about the sudden disappearance of all his nice coats, I’m sure he’ll understand. Posh made me do it.

This is the one piece of advice Victoria Beckham would give her 20-year-old self. Or, find out how she made wearing pajamas in public totally acceptable.
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Author Tehrene Firman | Well and Good
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