February 05, 2019 at 10:07AM by CWC

As a typical New Yorker with a strong desire to expand her closet, but the sinking reality that my apartment space just won’t allow for it (or my budget for that matter), there’s one question that, in one way or another, I’ve been asking myself a lot thus far into 2019 and that’s: WWMKD? (What would Marie Kondo do?)

What would Marie Kondo do about this extreme weather? What would Marie Kondo do about (another) government shutdown? What would Marie Kondo do with Ariana Grande’s jewelry collection? And while this story isn’t necessarily here to answer any of the above burning questions (although we should still look for their answers!), it does get me wondering how the Tidy Queen herself approaches something a bit more tangible and up her alley, like Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of how you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), I think we can all agree, Valentine’s Day comes with its own fair share of consumerism baggage—a quick walk into any local CVS will confirm this, with a never-ending variety of stuffed animals that play ting-y sounding renditions of “My Girl,” “You Sexy Thing,” and, my favorite left-field option, Toto’s “Africa.” Of course, once you factor in candy or flowers, dinner reservations, and possibly a gift that isn’t of the stuffed animal variety, Valentine’s Day starts to resemble a collection of things veering into the “no longer sparking joy” pile. Throw in a pink sequin cocktail dress that doesn’t quite fold well using the KonMari method? Yikes. Something tells me Kondo wouldn’t approve.

But this is where Rent the Runway comes in. It’s the godsend solution sartorially-driven folks (who also care about sustainability and conscientious consumption) have been waiting for. I’ve been a longtime fan of Rent the Runway’s model, particularly its unlimited membership program. For a flat monthly fee ($159), you can rent an unlimited number of items (four at a time) per month from hundreds of brands and designers, with the option to swap out those four pieces as many times as you like. The platform offers a second monthly membership called the RTR Update, which allows you to borrow four items per month for $89. And you can also rent items á la carte (for way less than it’d cost to buy them at retail), which is super convenient for one-off occasions that call for a special outfit (i.e. Valentine’s Day) you don’t plan to repeat. Plus, it’s sharing system is an eco-friendly move. Win, win all around.

So in the spirit of Saint Valentine, I’m here to share six easy-to-assemble outfits, perfect for whatever plans you may have for Valentine’s Day, all featuring key pieces that are available for rent today on RTR—plus classic items you probably already have in your closet you can combine them with. Let the joy sparking begin!

Outfit 1: Galentine’s night out

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

What I love about a good ol’ fashioned girl’s night out, is that it’s the perfect opportunity to be a little more daring with your look. I decided to take an otherwise conservative blazer dress (this one is by Nanette Lepore) and paired it with some over-the-knee boots and statement, shoulder-grazing earrings, making for the perfect blend of Carrie and Miranda’s style. (They were always my favorites anyway.)

Outfit 2: Galentine’s night in

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Whether you and the girls have a slasher movie marathon planned (my favorite) or perhaps you’re all making dinner together, the key for a girl’s night in is comfort. I took the most comfortable dress I could find—a Prabal Gurung Collective slip dress—and added a thin turtleneck underneath. Voilá! Throw on your favorite pair of chunky heel boots and you have yourself a ’70s inspired getup perfect for lounging in but still cute for any group photos.

Outfit 3: date night—dinner and drinks edition

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Here’s my beef with Valentine’s Day: Yes, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear red and pink. But everyone else got that same memo, too! Instead, I love opting for a look that’s attention-grabbing, without feeling cliché on this day of red hearts and pink flowers. This sequin Saloni dress is flirty and fun—but keep the rest of the look classic: a pair of dangly earrings and a bold red lip will go far. Oh, and bring your dancing shoes!

Outfit 4: formal date night—AKA we fancy, huh?

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

So let’s say you and your date have two tickets to the ballet tonight. First of all, does your date have friends? And secondly, let’s talk formal dresses. In an age where suggested attire is a very grey area depending on who you ask, I always opt for a dress that balances the best of a cocktail dress and the best of a gown—a high-low number like the Cynthia Rowley dress you see here. It’s high enough in the front that walking around doesn’t require a team to rival that of Lady Gaga’s frock at the Golden Globes—and long enough in the back to feel like Audrey Hepburn in pretty much any movie she wore Givenchy (which was most of them). Throw on some low kitten heels and something sparkly for your neck or ears and you’re good to go.

Outfit 5: casual date night out—perhaps two tickets for A Star is Born

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Whenever I’m picking out a movie date night outfit, I start first with the coat. Because let’s face it, 10 minutes into those previews, you’re freezing in the theater. This dusty pink and red floral coat by Hutch caught my eye first because I loved how vintage-inspired it seemed. To keep the rest of the look streamlined and monochromatic, I opted for a black turtleneck with black jeans and low block heels. No fuss involved because trust me, there will be enough fussing once Bradley Cooper starts to sing “Shallow.”

Outfit 6: casual night in where the only question is—to Seamless or not to Seamless?

date night outfits
Photo: Lydia Hudgens

Let’s say you’re spending the night in with your loved one and you’re debating the age-old question: Should we order in or make some sense of the contents of our fridge? While I can’t help you with the first question, I will recommend trying out some fun denim for the occasion. This distressed hem cropped pair by 3X1 makes for the perfect excuse to style your white ankle boots. Top off your outfit with another turtleneck (can you tell I really love my turtlenecks?), and an oversized blazer (this one’s from Tibi) and you’re ready to roll up those sleeves…to hit the Seamless app.

Now that you know what you’re wearing, it’s time to figure out what you’re watching. Here are 5 Netflix gems to watch with your squad on Galentine’s Day. Plus, a no-bake cookie recipe that’s just the dessert you need for February 14
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