Let down your hair with trendiest long hairstyles of the moment

March 11, 2019 at 06:01AM by CWC

Growing your hair out is like a second job. Once it gets past your shoulders, keeping it vibrant and healthy requires so much more work. And if it seems like your hair has suddenly hit a plateau as you strive to find the perfect long hairstyles, you might be making a common mistake.

It sounds counterintuitive, but regular trims are essential when you’re growing out your hair. According to celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend, who regularly works with Dakota Johnson and the Olsen twins, it’s the only way you’re going to achieve the length you want.

“As long as you do get those regular trims, your hair will grow. When you don’t, your hair splits. It starts at the very bottom and starts working up the hair shaft, splitting all the way up,” Townsend explains. “That’s where all your frizz comes from: the cuticle can never ever lay down. And because it’s split, it’s half the size it used to be, making it so much weaker and causing it to snap and break.”

If your hair is constantly getting split ends, there’s no way you’re ever going to get those long hairstyles you’ve been dreaming of. Your strands will just keep breaking off.

“A perfect example is Mary-Kate [Olsen]. She wanted long hair no matter what and got extensions that ruined her hair. But she kept growing it,” he explains. “Neither Ashley nor Mary-Kate likes getting their hair cut, so I just keep my scissors in my pocket. As I’m blow drying, when there’s a little split end, I’m like, ‘Look, this has to go. It’s never gonna grow.’ I would always just trim off Ashley’s, but Mary-Kate would literally make me empty my pockets. She went six years without a hair cut.”

If you’re ready to rock long hairstyles, stay patient and keep on getting those frequent trims.

These 8 long hairstyles are totally timeless

Photo: Getty Images/Michael Kovac

1. Loose barrel curls: Olivia Munn

This classic look gets some major volume with big waves curled away from the face.

Photo: Getty Images/Dominique Charriau

2. Wispy bangs: Dakota Johnson

To create Dakota Johnson‘s wispy bangs, Townsend sprays dry shampoo on a mixed bristle brush and sweeps it through her bangs from her scalp to the ends.

Photo: Getty Images/Bryan Bedder

3. Micro braids: Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz may have rocked these bleach-blonde micro braids quite a while ago, but 2019 is the year to bring them back.

Photo: Getty Images/Alexander Tamargo

4. Textured waves: Shay Mitchell

Do beachy waves get any better than this? Shay Mitchell has the style down.

Photo: Getty Images/Ben Gabbe

5. A deep side part: Gigi Hadid

The quickest way to change up any long hair look is to switch your part, and this deep side part is the perfect example.

Photo: Getty Images/Anthony Harvey

6. Slicked-back waves: Rihanna

Great for summer, Rihanna’s slicked-back look is the easiest way to rock wavy hair and—bonus—keep it out of your face.

Photo: Getty Images/Amanda Edwards

7. Long layers: Emily Ratajkowski

Since hair can start to lose volume as it gets longer, add some life back into your strands by getting some long layers.

Photo: Getty Images/Leon Bennett

8. Tousled curls: Kelly Rowland

It’s hard not to be envious of Kelly Rowland’s flawlessly tousled curls.

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