Wegmans proves cereal *can* be healthy with new protein-packed Coconut Flakes

March 12, 2019 at 07:58AM by CWC

Let’s be real. Cereal isn’t something most adults really want to give up. Sure, it’s branded as more of a kids’ thing, but everyone knows a bowl of cereal satisfies at any age. While the eye-catching, artificially-colored and sugar-packed cereals in most aisles aren’t doing anyone any good, one company is here to prove that high protein cereal can be just as healthy and nutritious as other breakfast foods.

A beloved family-owned supermarket chain, you’ll Wegmans sprinkled across the United States. The company recently shared its latest product on Instagram. Coconut Flakes are essentially a protein-packed spin on Frosted Flakes made with plant-based proteins and whole grains. Thanks to garbanzo beans, navy beans, and red lentils on the ingredients list, there’s actually 6 grams of protein per serving—aka as much as there is in a large egg. The cereal contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


While there is 10 grams of added sugar in the form of milled cane sugar, the servings sizes are bigger than most cereals at 1-1/4 cup compared to 3/4 cup in Frosted Flakes. And this isn’t the only healthier cereal option Wegmans is producing, either. The supermarket also sells Cinnamon Flakes (9 grams sugar), Chocolate Os (7 grams sugar), and Vanilla Os (4 grams sugar), which are all totally vegan and made with legumes for 6 grams per serving of plant-based protein per serving.

With healthier cereal options being introduced into the market, you can once again enjoy your favorite breakfast on the daily.

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