March 18, 2019 at 08:22AM by CWC

Be honest. When’s the last time you bought new pillows for your bed? You use them every single night, but it’s just one of those things most people don’t think about replacing as long as they get the job done. According to experts, you should actually be switching them out every three years. And there’s one easy way to tell if it’s time to boot yours from your bed.

The longer you use your pillows, the less comfort and support they’ll provide. Sleep experts recommend using a simple press test to determine a pillow’s worthiness as part of your sleep sanctuary. All you need to do is take your pillow, place it on a firm surface—like a table or dresser—and press down in the center with your finger. After a second, lift your finger up. If it instantly return to its original shape, it’s still good. But if it doesn’t… RIP, pillow.

Poking your way through your pillow collection gives you a good idea as to whether your hurting or helping yourself get a good night’s rest. Just make sure that when you do pick up some a new pillow that you choose the right one by testing it properly (i.e., give it more than just a good fluff). Lie down on the ground in the store if you must. No judgements here.

Between replacing pillows, you should also be washing your pillowcases on the regular to avoid icky mites. You can also get the perfect pillow depending on your sleep position of choice, and this one’s amazing for big spoons.
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Author Tehrene Firman | Well and Good
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