It’s official: I’m using this garlicky cashew dip that Jennifer Garner loves on everything

April 01, 2019 at 08:36AM by CWC

There’s really no need to spend hours sifting through cookbooks for recipes (unless it’s Well+Good’s, of course!) when you have chef Jennifer Garner at your service. The actress is always providing intel on how to make the healthiest treats during her Pretend Cooking Show on Instagram, and her most recent fave is a garlicky spread that tastes good on literally anything.

With their creamy texture, cashews make for the perfect spreads, but I’ve never seen anything like this vibrant green version. Garner recently went through the step-by-step instructions of how to make her beloved Spicy Garlicky Cashew Spread (which she snagged from New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark)—something that’s been part of her diet for a long time. “This dip is a little something I’ve used to make a blah meal ooh la la for years. The more you make it, the more you’ll discover your tastes,” she wrote. “For example, I tasted like garlic for six days after this batch. I ate it all anyway.”

Creating the spread is simple. All you have to do is combine all your ingredients in a blender and mix it up until it’s nice and smooth. (And if you accidentally sneak a few cashews as you’re making it, don’t worry—Garner does it, too.) While the recipe is meant to be used on chicken, her version knows no limits. “I find that it’s good on everything,” she says. Whether it’s slathered on her favorite veggies or she’s using it as a dip for pretzels and crackers, she’s a fan. Here’s exactly how to make it yourself.


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Jennifer Garner is bringing on so much more than just stellar recipes. You can also get inspired by the reverse poem she loves, get the detangling brush she gives to all her BFFs, and try the workout that got her in butt-kicking shape.

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