May 29, 2019 at 03:00AM by CWC

If you’ve ever tried a new eating plan and found yourself hungry most of the time, a lack of healthy fat is likely to blame. One reason so many people find both the Mediterranean diet and the ketogenic diet so easy to stick with is because it includes lots of it—think fish, avocado, nuts, and eggs—to help you stay full between meals. These healthy fat bombs are also the hero foods of an eating plan health experts dubbed the “satiating diet.” According to Scientific American, it champions foods high in protein and fiber as well as includes dairy and recommends regular consumption of capsaicin, a compound in chili peppers and jalapenos, and is linked to boosting metabolism.

Besides increasing metabolism, all the foods prioritized in the satiating diet have been scientifically linked to promoting weight loss, improving blood pressure, and (blessedly) reducing hunger between meals. You know that feeling of eating a bunch of takeout until you’re uncomfortably full, but then you find yourself opening the fridge two hours later? That’s not going to happen with this diet.

Oh, and about the dairy: Researchers include it because dairy is full of probiotics, which are good for your gut. Also, if you’re reaching for rich cheeses (not the processed stuff), you’ll find that you only need to eat a little to feel satiated.

As with virtually all healthy eating plans recommended by doctors, the satiating diet doesn’t include processed foods or foods high in sugar, which are linked to weight gain and inflammation. And if you think about it, neither really does much to satisfy your appetite.

Here’s a whole glossary of the most popular healthy eating plans. Plus, seven ways to get creative with the king of satiating foods, the avocado.

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