The leopard print midi (AKA spring’s fave skirt) looks even better as leggings

May 30, 2019 at 03:24PM by CWC

As my fashion-stylist friends always like to say, leopard print is a neutral. At least that’s true this season, when you can’t open Instagram without seeing some chic woman rocking a mid-calf length, silky skirt in some variation on the pattern. And while that leopard-print midi skirt is actually a lot more versatile than you might think—I’ve seen it paired with vintage band tees, oversize blazers, and platform sneakers, sometimes all at the same time—the one place you can’t really make it work is the gym. (I mean, prove me wrong, please!)

Thankfully, the activewear powers that be are one step ahead of us. Leopard leggings, too, are all over the place for summer, with options in all different colors, sizes, and price points. They’re a more unexpected choice than the typical warm-weather florals (Miranda Priestley would be so proud), and as someone who owns a pair, I like to think they give me a little hit of badass energy when I’m about to tackle a particularly hard workout. Plus, because they’re a print, they do a great job hiding sweat after a particularly grueling fitness class.

Keep on scrolling for the best-of-the-best leopard print leggings to add to your rotation. From baby blue varieties to biker shorts to some good old-fashioned 7/8-length classic spots, there are plenty of ways to take the print this spring (whether or not you also have the skirt that’s seen everywhere this spring). One thing’s for certain: wherever you work out or find yourself afterward, this print will pretty much beg you to commence Beast mode. (Sorry, had to.)

Ok, ok, but when you do work out, you don’t want to show crotch sweat, right? These leggings won’t show a hint of it and if you’re more classic, these are the best-of-the-best black leggings that you can acquire at every price point. 

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Author Erin Magner | Well and Good
Selected by iversue

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