May 31, 2019 at 06:59AM by CWC

There are few things in life better than a slice of banana bread. Just one bite can make you feel all warm and fuzzy, whether it’s paired with your morning coffee or with some nut butter for an afternoon snack. But that good feeling may not last long if it’s also packed with refined sugar and flour. (Hello, late-afternoon slump!)

That’s why chefs Jenny Dorsey and Mia Rigden teamed up to show you how to make a gluten-, grain-, and refined sugar-free version of the classic treat in the latest episode of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, Well+Good’s new YouTube series. In order to keep the banana bread from taking your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride (while still preserving taste!), Dorsey and Rigden made two key tweaks to the classic recipe.

First, the chefs swap white flour for a mix of coconut and almond flour. “Not using white gluten or grain-containing flours will make it have a lower glycemic load,” Rigden says. “Which means it will spike your blood sugar levels less and make it less likely that you’ll be craving sweet foods all day long.”

They also incorporate cinnamon into this dessert, but not just because it tastes good. “Cinnamon actually helps regulate our blood sugar levels,” Rigden says, “so be sure to put a lot of cinnamon on your sweet foods.” The more you know!

To get the full recipe, be sure to watch the video above. And if you’re still hungry for more healthy baking tips, don’t forget to check out Dorsey and Rigden’s previous video on vegan chocolate chip cookies. 

*This* is the diet Jessica Alba followed to balance her blood sugar. And how blood sugar levels may be linked to mental health. 

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