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If you’re at all into lunar living, you know that full moons are the times when you’re likely to feel a little cuckoo (or, let’s be honest: a lot). But this week it’s a new moon that’s bringing high highs and low lows—and yeah, it may be pretty disorienting, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. Here, she lays out her best advice for navigating the specific cosmic challenges ahead.

The week begins Monday, June 3, with a new moon in Gemini at 12 degrees. New moons represent new beginnings, and this particular new moon bestows gifts. Happening at 6:01 a.m. Eastern, this sun and moon conjunction invites a fresh start, especially as it applies to writing, communication strategies, socializing, and networking. So please do set intentions for what you wish to see develop in your life—even more so if you aim to expand your social network and call in opportunities that elevate you socially.

The upside of this new moon: You will have incredible courage to let go of that which you no longer need and take a stand for what you do.

Venus and Pluto form a profound angle of support, known as a trine. And Mars, which represents action, is in an applying conjunction with the north node of fate. What does that mean? When Mars conjoins with the north node of fate, it helps you to conjure the future of your dreams.

While Mars in Cancer moves into an opposition with Saturn and Pluto later this month (which can feel extremely challenging), the upside remains that you will have incredible courage to let go of that which you no longer need and take a stand for what you do.

The dark side of the (new) moon

One of the harder aspects associated with this new moon has to do with a transit we’ve been feeling all year and will continue to for some time: Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. Neptune, which represents our spirituality, abruptly meets a harsh angle from expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius (aka a square) three times this year. The first one was January 13; the second one is June 16 and the third square between these two planets forms on September 21.

This challenging connection between these two titans of the sky can have us feeling like we are under water, learning how to swim deep. And since this current new moon happens in Gemini, in opposition to Jupiter, it also squares Neptune, highlighting this challenging aspect even more.

Then later in the week, on June 9, the sun perfects its square to Neptune. Don’t let this mutable T-square get the best of you though. Use it to come into more profound clarity about what you need and want. With the sun in Gemini opposing Jupiter and simultaneously squaring Neptune too, things feel chaotic and unclear. But with concentration and focus, you can use this to access a deeper knowing in your heart.

While Neptune is an incredible planet when it comes to enhancing your spiritual understanding and intuitive capacities, it also blurs reality—making it hard to understand fact from fiction.

Meaning, this new moon asks you to embrace sobriety. This is not the time to wear rose-colored glasses. Instead, remain a realist. While Neptune is an incredible planet when it comes to enhancing your spiritual understanding and intuitive capacities, it also blurs reality—making it hard to understand fact from fiction. Jupiter in Sagittarius amplifies this even more. The key to success this new moon remains in staying pragmatic, away from delusion. Your success requires focus and concentration. No short cuts allowed. Choose integrity.

Why Mercury in Cancer matters

On Tuesday, June 4, Mercury leaves Gemini and enters into Cancer, heralding another significant cosmic change. Mercury in Cancer brings your attention to your self-worth, helping you to discern what supports you to feel safe, secure, and at peace mentally and emotionally. Keep your focus on doing the work that brings you to deeper places of confidence.

Then on Friday, June 7, Mercury sextiles Uranus but squares Chiron. This combination brings intuitive breakthroughs, but may also challenge you to confront your feelings of not-enoughness. (This too shall pass.) You don’t need to jockey for approval or exchange validation for worth. You are whole and worthy unto yourself. You know this. Now, cosmically speaking, you are being asked to own it!

Come June 8, Venus leaves sensual Taurus, a sign it loves, for Gemini. Venus in Gemini represents quick change, bringing an feeling of instability to the atmosphere. With a “here today, gone tomorrow” vibe abounding, stay in the present. To quote spiritual teacher Ram Dass, this transit asks you to be here now.

Plus: your cosmic self-care Rx

To support yourself, use your mindfulness practice to develop a single-pointed focus. Doing so helps you to navigate this challenging energy without getting taken out of the moment. Concentration remains key to your success this week. Do not take your eye off the goal. There will be a great deal of opportunity to get swept up in the drama and other people’s agendas. However, defining your own and developing the mindfulness to stay synchronized with your desires remains key to your success.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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