June 04, 2019 at 03:00PM by CWC

By the time summer rolls around and the temps are rising faster than “Old Town Road” on the Billboard top charts, a steaming hot latte from Starbucks is not exactly the most appealing way to start your day. So what’s the healthiest way to change your coffee order when it’s a billion degrees outside?

Luckily for you, registered dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman has the answers in the latest episode of You Versus Food, Well+Good’s YouTube series breaking down all things nutrition. Her go-to summer sip: cold brew.

Wait, isn’t this stuff just the $5 version of iced coffee? Not quite. Beckerman says cold brew is different because the grounds are steeped in cold water instead of hot, which produces less acid. This makes it great for people who have acid reflux or other digestive struggles, she says. If you don’t drink your cold brew black, opt for whole milk, as it’s generally the healthiest option Starbucks has to offer. (If you’re looking for other healthy Starbucks iced drinks, she also likes a classic iced coffee.)

If you’re dead set on a frozen drink, Beckerman’s pick is the plain ol’ coffee Frappuccino, because it contains the least amount of calories and added sugars compared to other frozen bev options on the menu. But she definitely doesn’t recommend a frappe over other options at Starbucks like the above-mentioned cold brew.

“Frozen drinks are generally not advisable because they typically contain added sugar and refined carbohydrates,” she says. “But if you’d really like to indulge in one, just order it without whipped cream and added sugars, and share it with a friend.”

To see the rest of her picks (including hot drinks and her favorite teas), check out the full video above, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Summer sipping, here we come.

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