June 11, 2019 at 08:56AM by CWC

The handful of pink garments I own are the prized possessions of my closet. Ever since my first viewing of Grease, I’ve admired how a pop of pink adds a splash of pizzaz to an all-black outfit (à la Rizzo’s signature style). That’s why now that Everlane’s “choose what you pay sale” is in full swing, the first thing I’ll be adding to my cart is a cropped jean jacket the color of cherry blossoms, which you can snag for your choice of $63, $67, or $71.

From the 20 reviews left on site by happy purchasers, I’ve learned that the color is great (“It’s very cute and a nice change of pace from my usual jean jackets”). It’s an ideal addition to any summer wardrobe (“It’s not too heavy or too light, breathable. I wore it to a Maggie Rogers concert and didn’t even have to take it off”). And most importantly, it’s already beloved. One wearer wrote, “Let me tell you this: this is my favorite jacket so far in my life.” Sold.

If you don’t love the cropped look in a jacket (totally fair!), those who already own the denim staple suggest ordering a size or two larger than usual for that slightly-too-big style that’s a #lewk right now. Personally, I’ll be taking that sage piece of fashion advice and donning the creamy pink outerwear with a pair of black leggings all summer long.

The Pink Ladies may not have been that into fitness, but they certainly foreshadowed an athleisure look that’s “the one that I want” for summer 2019.

Still wondering how to make yoga pants look professional? Here’s the secret. And the athleisure color of the summer is

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Author Kells McPhillips | Well and Good
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