June 17, 2019 at 11:07AM by CWC

Fact: Eggs are incredibly versatile. You can eat ’em over-easy, poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled, shirred, sunny-side up—you name it. People will tell you that poaching is the most difficult technique to master, but those people are wrong. Perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs are rare indeed. While plenty of methods claim to be “the best” for making hard-boiled eggs, there’s a handy little hack that removes the guesswork and gets the job done in record time using your Instant Pot.

The blog One Happy Housewife calls the tried-and-true method using an Instant Pot to make perfect hard-boiled eggs the “5-5-5 method,” which gets it’s name from the five-minute cook time, five-minute natural pressure release, and five-minute ice bath.

The ‘5-5-5 method’ for hard boiled eggs in your Instant Pot

Add water to your Instant Pot and arrange the eggs using an egg rack, which Valerie says is crucial to keeping the yolks centered. Then, cook on high for five minutes before allowing the five-minute pressure release. Carefully remove the eggs from the Instant Pot and give them a little ice bath, which prevents overcooking. And that’s it! Done.

The 5-5-5 method is especially handy if you want to boil a lot of eggs at once for an egg salad or as part of meal prep for the week. Fifteen minutes to cook a week’s worth of eggs for breakfast? Go ahead and hit that snooze button on your alarm clock.

Find out why this dietitian calls eggs “nature’s multivitamin“:

Confused by all the labels on the egg carton? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for—and what’s totally meaningless. Plus, five new egg recipes to try.

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