June 18, 2019 at 02:00PM by CWC

Asking for a friend: How often can you eat pasta before it becomes a problem? According to dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, it’s less about how often and more about portion size and the type of pasta.

In Well+Good’s latest installment of You Versus Food, our video series that spills everything you need to know about your favorite foods and drinks, Lockwood shares her go-to pastas: chickpea and whole wheat.

“I’ve been really into chickpea pasta lately,” Beckerman says. “This type of pasta will fill you up so you won’t want to eat the entire box.” (It’s also one of her favorite vegetarian protein sources.) “You can sub out your regular white pasta for [whole] wheat pasta or chickpea pasta to get in some added nutrition into your next pasta night.” Both whole wheat pasta and chickpea pasta have more fiber per serving than white pasta, and chickpea pasta has significantly more protein and fewer carbs than both.

Soooo does that mean I, er, I mean, my friend, can eat pasta, like, every day? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.

Here’s what a healthy portion size looks like for 10 of your favorite foods. And if you want more of Beckerman’s wisdom, check out what she’s drinking at Starbucks this summer.

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Author Kara Jillian Brown | Well and Good
Selected by CWC

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