These 9 ultra-hydrating lipsticks are basically skin care in a tube

August 08, 2019 at 05:00AM by CWC

In today’s skin-care obsessed world, I’m no longer surprised that the foundations I wear double as skin-boosting formulas and that I can swipe on mascara that also makes my lashes grow. The latest hybrid craze I’m swooning over? Lipsticks that are basically skin care in a tube.


Sure, I’ve applied some seriously hydrating hyaluronic acid lip balms—which are fab. But now we’ve also got the option of getting some more pigment on that pout while beefing things up with moisture that lasts. Meet the lipstick-skin-care-combos of my bold lip dreams.

“There are a few ingredients that when included in lipsticks actually make the lip product moisturizing,” says Shirley Chi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in California. “They are petrolatum, shea butter, lanolin, beeswax, and sesame oil.” These essentially lock in the moisture produced on your lips. (That said, she says not to rely on them like you would a lip balm or it’ll mess with your lips’ natural moisturizing oil production.)

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Seriously though—lipsticks that go on and cake-up or make your lips shrivel from drying out are so extinct. Just look at these nine magical skin-care-lipsticks below and let that moisturized shine do the talking.

Photo: Lancome

Lancome L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine, $30

This is the product that got me on a quest for more skin-care-lipsticks. It was love at first swipe—my entire beauty team is absolutely in love with these Lancome tubes, because they glide on so, so smoothly and make your lips feel like butter, all while bestowing your pout with beautiful color. My personal fave is Mademoiselle Smiles, which goes on like a really flattering fuchsia, while fellow editor Zoë Weiner is a fan of Mademoiselle Plays, a rosy nude.

Photo: L’Oreal

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Plump and Shine Lipstick, $8

This one’s a triple threat that not only hydrates and gives you some color, but it also gives your lips a little plump (yep, it’s got a tingle). It goes on pretty sheer, but it’s super buildable and makes your lips feel amazing, thanks to vitamin E. Feeling bold? They’ve got some shimmery shades you can choose from, too.

Photo: L’Occitane

L’Occitane Fruity Lipstick, $20

Swiping on one of these lipsticks feels like a treat—it’s truly fruity (the name’s on point!), and gives sheer, buildable color that nourishes your pout via carrot seed and pomegranate seed oils. And, bonus, it’ll also leave your lips with a shiny finish you’ll love.

Photo: Undone Beauty

Undone Beauty Light On Lip, $8

This is a light-as-air lipstick option for those who like subtle pops of color. The indie beauty brand fave brings serious moisture to your lips with aloe vera and coconut oil, so you’re covered all day while rocking pretty shades like “sorbet pink” and “chai town.”

Photo: YSL

Yves Saint Laurent Water Lip Stain, $37

It may not be a tube stick, but the lip product is literally 40 percent water. The applicator bestows your lips with an explosion of hydration, and slickly slides over your pout via gliding oils that leave behind vibrant hues. It doesn’t budge, either.

Photo: Beautycounter

Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick, $27

My lips love these lipsticks by Beautycounter, since they leave my mouth drenched in moisture that stems from jojoba and castor oils. It goes on so soft and is flexible in terms of how bold you want the color to be—choose between a barely-there hue, a dramatic lip, or something in between.

Photo: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips Lipstick, $34

The iconic makeup artist recently launched this line of glossy lipsticks that I can’t stop wearing. It’s like a gloss-lipstick hybrid that also has skin-boosting perks, like hydration from hyaluronic acid. And yes: They have it in the Pillow Talk shade.

Photo: RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick, $28

Of course RMS makes a lipstick that falls into this category—the brand’s known for its entire line of skin-care-makeup-hybrid products. This lipstick is a perfect creation: a gorgeous pigment mixed with the brand’s signature beauty oil and antioxidants for happy lips.

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Photo: Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty Outburst Longwear Lip Stain, $24

Bite’s always good at delivering in the lip product department, but I’m especially fond of this lip stain. Most lip stains tend to be drying and make you reach for your balm all damn day, but this uses passionflower and coconut oils to give you very satisfying moisture. And color.

If you want something lighter, may I recommend a tinted lip balm for a similar but more subtle effect. And here’s how to apply liquid lipstick, if that’s more your speed. 

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