Make your own full moon water in 5 steps to cleanse and empower yourself for the month ahead

August 13, 2019 at 10:18AM by CWC

The moon and I are tight; I have monthly new moon parties with my girlfriends, and I’ve worn the same pair of crescent moon earrings for 18 years. So when I first heard it’s possible to charge your water with the full moon’s energy, I was like, “lol what?” and then five seconds later, I was like, “sign me up.” I decided I wanted, badly, to learn how to make moon water.


Sure, this falls under the classification of woo-woo with two capital Ws, but drinking moon water is said to be an effective way of cleansing and empowering yourself for the month ahead. And at the very least, it’s a chicly spiritual way to channel your inner Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s right, Posh Spice drinks moon water—and you can, too. And when it comes to making moon water, the only full moon to make sure you steer clear of is one in the state of eclipse.

“Eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system.” —Chani Nicholas, astrologer

“Each full moon has its own unique properties, some you may want to harness, some you absolutely do not,” says astrologer Chani Nicholas. “Only an astrologer can tell you which is good to work with, but as a general rule, eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of. Eclipses cast shadows, revealing to us what lurks there, usually revealing things that are toxic or in need of cleansing. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system.”

Meaning, eclipses are a time to edit out cosmic energies that aren’t serving you, not drink them in. But if you’re in the clear, so to speak, and the full moon upon you isn’t an eclipse, the celestial body can charge your water with whatever energy you need to get through the next 30 days. Oh, and the stuff is, like, aggressively easy to make.

Here’s how to make moon water in 5 simple steps.

1. Choose a container that’s reflective of the intentions you want to set

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It could be one of your many, many, many mason jars. Or maybe you want to be a little decadent and austere with some vintage glassware from your bar cart. Or maybe your giant Boss Bitch mug better captures your big mood. Whatever it is, make sure the ethos of it captures what you’re looking to embrace in the coming month.

2. Surround your container with crystals that will charge the water with specific energies 


This step isn’t necessary, per se, but it’s a good way to inject some additional power into your fluid. If you’re getting drained by energy vampires at work, for example, you might want to pick up some crystals for protection. I’m a big fan of black tourmaline (absorbs threatening energy) and fluorite (facilitates openness and clarity).

3. Cap your moon water container

If you want! This step is also voluntary, but since I can’t guarantee that the mystic ways of the moon will keep a fly or two from swimming land in your moon-water mix, I recommend taking the precaution. This is where using a mason jar comes in handy (lids, baby!), or you can use something makeshift, like plastic wrap secured with a rubber band.

4. Place the jar where it can absorb moonlight

Outside placement is ideal for this overnight arrangement, but if you’re apartment bound or have limited access to the outdoors for any other reason, near a window sill works (even with a closed window).

5. In the morning, retrieve your charged moon water, and use it however you see fit

Drink it straight, Victoria Beckham-style! Boil some for your tea! Put it in a spray bottle and charge your home while you’re cleaning! The charged moon water is your oyster, essentially.

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