Asking for a “friend”: What’s the best way to get rid of cleavage hair?

August 17, 2019 at 05:00AM by CWC

Whenever my “friend” is wearing anything that isn’t a crew-neck T-shirt—like a summer dress, or a deep V—she complains that all she sees when she looks down is her cleavage hair. I’m not talking about nipple hair, which is its own whole thing, but rather longer hairs that sprout out from the center the space between your boobs. And as with other certain body parts that can grow hair, like your chin or butt, some women (like my “friend”) aren’t so keen on having… chest hair.


While those rogue nipple hairs are totally OK to pluck, cleavage/chest hair is more similar to, say, leg hair, so if you choose to remove it, the methods are pretty similar. As in: You can shave it, wax it, and/or opt for laser hair removal.

“Traditional and older methods of removing hair such as waxing or shaving require ongoing maintenance, and can cause ingrown hairs as the hair begins to grow back,” says Quenby Erickson, MD, a Chicago-based dermatologist. “While they may be less expensive, they’re temporary solutions that will need ongoing treatments. Laser hair removal has improved drastically over the years and surpasses any other option.”

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Christian Karavolas, owner of Romeo and Juliet Laser Hair Removal in New York, agrees. “The best way to remove hair in those areas would be with laser,” he says. “If you do six sessions, spaced six to eight weeks apart, it’d suffice for permanent hair reduction.” His advice? Avoid waxing because, as Dr. Erickson mentioned, it can cause irritation and lead to ingrowns.

And if you’re wondering whether that chest stubble will come back with a vengeance—i.e. darker, thicker and longer—she says that’s not the case. “It will not grow back thicker,” says Dr. Erickson. “It’s a myth that your hair will grow back thicker after these types of treatments.” Welp, that’s a relief.

For a refresher, here’s the actual, expert-approved way to properly shave your legs. Also: The Well+Good office is very torn on whether you should actually shave above the knee… or not. (I say go for it.)

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