6 traits that make Scorpios the most intense and intuitive powerhouses of the zodiac

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To all the Scorpios I’ve loved before (and also just regular platonic friends who were born between October 21 and November 23), plain and simple, I would follow you to hell and back. Something about being born amid the crisp air of peak fall, when the world’s still excited about sweater weather and more JOMO nights in, gives people of this zodiac sign a darkly magnetic lure. And if you’re one of them, surely you know it. I know it. So, consider this my love letter to Scorpios of the world and their captivating qualities.

Okay, okay, to make this a little less creepy, let me provide some context: I’m a Taurus, and Scorpio is my total opposite on the zodiac wheel—I’ve always been drawn to them. Since so many of my friends are Scorpios, my bank account cringes every year come late October since it’s when I’m annually stockpiling birthday gifts for my most smoldering friends. My first love, in fact, was a total Scorpio. But he was also was a grade-A A-hole who ditched me on prom night…so I won’t derail this love letter to Scorpio personality traits to wax poetic about a romance I had when the hashtag symbol still meant “pound.” That said, his less-than-stellar handling of prom (and our relationship) does reflect a certain Scorpio tendency to avail oneself of traditions, astrologer Emma Toynbee tells me. And, hey, I have to learn to take the good with the bad (regarding Scorpio personality traits, not my long-dumped high school boyfriend).

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“Scorpios are prone to sudden stings, unexpected forceful change, and transformation, movement, and eruption,” Toynbee says. As such, their identity is strong. Scorpios, mired in their dark power, leave a lasting impression. Some people don’t match up with their sun sign, but let me tell you, people of this sign tend to skew in personality as definitively Scorpio.

“Scorpios are prone to sudden stings, unexpected forceful change, and transformation, movement, and eruption.” —astrologer Emma Toynbee

So whether you’re a Scorpio, your friend is a Scorpio, or you love a Scorpio (lord help you), Toynbee is here for you. Below, she explains all the Scorpio personality traits you should know about—both those worth celebrating, and those you’d be wise to watch out for.

1. Scorpios are determined, sometimes problematically so

When a sharp-eyed Scorpio puts their mind to getting to the top or seeing out any goal at hand, they achieve it and excel. Career-wise, you may not be the official HBIC, but there’s a good chance you have power within a creative division or hold a highly specialized title. You either dominate within your space, or you’re looking to seize the whole office.

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Just play fair, champ. According to Toynbee, Scorpios have a drive that might lead them to “crush any opposition and obstacles.”

2. Scorpios are imaginative, intelligent, and have an independent mind

Scorpios are thought leaders who don’t really give a damn if you follow them or not. Pablo Picasso was a Scorpio. You know Pablo Picasso, right? The guy who saw art of his era and was like, “Yeah, no…I’ll do a different thing and then people will follow my lead.” That’s real big Scorpio energy at work.


Basically Scorpios aren’t married to the modes of the past, and that allows them to come up with fresh ideas and innovations. It doesn’t mean being at the helm of an artistic revolution for every person, but there’s certainly a good chance it’ll allow for some kind of personal autonomy over the understanding of what you earnestly like and prefer. Either way, though, I tend to believe whatever musings are going on in a Scorpio’s brain.

3. Scorpios are assertive—or forceful, depending on how you take it

For better or worse, Scorpios don’t really register words like “no,” and “you can’t.” They can somehow get themselves and their friends into any event, no invitation required. And this makes being one of those friends great. Bouncer at the door? Not so much.

4. Scorpios are emotional and have sharp intuitive powers

Because a Scorpio never lacks for depth, they’re seriously in touch with their own emotions and those of others. This intuitive feature can be unsettling for those who can’t handle it (sometimes, in practice, it can feel like straight-up mind reading). For those who can hang with the psychic-level of empathy, what’s likely to result is a strong, forever bond of friendship.

5. Scorpios are vindictive

Though Scorpios do indeed tend to possess the other mystical powers outlined above, the reality is that their stinger is front and center. People of this sign are known to have a dramatic flair for vengeance, so you’d be wise to try and not irritate them.

6. Scorpios are intense

Sure, this is a broad generalization, but the descriptor sums up Scorpio energy accurately and concisely nonetheless. Even if a Scorpio exits your life, you can rest-assured you’ll have the parting gift of a lasting, unforgettable impression. And if the Scorpios you know and love do stick around, they can be an amazing addition to your astrological social circle—if you treat them nicely, that is. As Toynbee puts it, “home life with a Scorpio can be happy—if every other family member submits to their will.”

Duly noted.

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