I’ve tried, like, 1,000 sex toys this year, and this is the 1 I’ll use forever

August 28, 2019 at 06:02PM by CWC

When many hear the word “vibrator,” they immediately conjure an image of an OG wand-style tool that looks like a mega-size microphone. The back-massager-cum-clitoris-stimulators practically revolutionized the female orgasm and are indeed great options for broad stimulation, says licensed sex educator Alicia Sinclair, creator of the sex-toy Le Wand Massager. The only problem with wand-style vibes? Bulk. That’s why I contend the best wand vibrator is one that’s travel-size—and, as a sex writer who tests these products as part of her actual job, I’d say my opinion is pretty trustworthy.


So when Sinclair told me she and her team at Le Wand created a vibrator that’s way smaller in size but comparable in vibration to wand styles, in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I couldn’t help but wonder: Could this be the vibrator I’d choose over all others?

The Le Wand Point is a 3.8-inch-long and 1.8-inch-wide external vibrator that appears in shape like a mini computer mouse, and it’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand. “It’s great for hands-free clitoral stimulation,” says Sinclair. (Meaning, you can still hold your erotic romance novels with two hands.) You can also use it to add clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex with a penis or dildo. “It has a lay-flat design, so you can also wear it inside a harness during strap-on or pegging sex,” Sinclair adds. That way, the person strapped in can enjoy direct stimulation, too.

And sure, powerful palm-sized vibes aren’t new—there’s Dame’s Pom, Lovehoney’s Desire Clitoral Vibe, and Lelo’s Lily 2, to name a few—but what I feel really sets the Point apart as the best wand vibrator of travel-friendly options is its materials. While the other models are silicone, this one is a combination of body-safe silicone and chrome steel. Both silicone and steel are great materials for a sex toy because they’re both non-porous, which means they’re easily sanitized with warm water and fragrance-free soap. But I’m an especially big fan of steel because in addition to giving the toy some serious sex appeal (I mean, just look at the shininess), it also provides some heft.

At 6.4 ounces, the Point is about five times the weight of other travel-friendly vibrators. “The weight of the Point is actually part of what allows it to provide the vibration frequency of a wand-style vibe,” says Sinclair. And thanks to that added weight, wherever you lay the device on your body, you’ll feel nice pressure, whether or not you’re holding it in place with your hand. Steel also lends itself to temperature play; by popping the Point in the freezer about 10 minutes before use, once you turn it on, you’ll feel it heat up right along with your body.

And while I’m singing its praises now, I’ll admit that the first time I used the toy, I nervous it would be too intense for me (I’m ultra-sensitive down there!). But in practice, the Point didn’t make me wonder whether I’d accidentally grabbed the numbing lubricant; instead, I experienced the best low-intensity, yet still-orgasmic sensation. “We built it have a wide range of intensities and modes so that it could be pleasurable for many different body types and stimulation wants,” Sinclair says.

The second time I used it, I added a dab of water-based lube and wore it during strap-on play. And guess what? It stayed in place as well as a small, bullet-style vibrator typically does. The rigid pattern on the underbelly of the silicone-side also allowed for quite the enjoyable bout of sexy friction.


Final verdict? The Point definitely earned a place in my personal hall of fame. And I would call it the best wand vibrator of travel-size options. But as a sex writer who has access the latest and greatest of all sex-toy offerings, committing to just one forever just might be too much to expect….

…especially when there are sex pillows to use and gender-free sex toys to try, that is. 

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