The telltale Sagittarius traits that describe the freedom-loving, fun-having zodiac sign

September 08, 2019 at 02:09PM by CWC

Along with living life in the limelight, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Brad Pitt all have other things in common: a whole bunch of Sagittarius traits. But—beyond being born somewhere within November 22 and December 21—what does that really mean? Whether you’re curious for yourself or the other Sags’ in your life, consider your bases covered. Below, astrologers spill the details regarding what you need to know about the ninth sign of the zodiac.


Find expert intel about Sagittarius traits, strengths, compatibility with other signs, and what these archers need most in order to be happy and live their best life.

Telltale Sagittarius traits

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Before diving deep into explaining typical Sagittarius traits, Juliana Rose Teal, resident astrologer at Miraval Arizona, debunks the misconception that all people of the same sun sign (which is what you use to read your daily horoscope) always embody the same characteristics. Rather, she says, no two Sagittarians are identical, and what the sun sign represents are the positive qualities we’re meant to grow into. “We are not necessarily born into all the traits of our sign,” Teal says. “As we consciously work on developing the positive traits of our sun sign, we become our unique selves and grow in confidence.”

So, when it comes to Sagittarius traits specifically, this means growing into a sense of optimism. Sagittarians naturally see the world through rose-colored glasses. And when they embody that trait, they can be helpful and kind to others. “They have vision and are good at seeing the big picture,” says astrologer Francesca Oddie, who describes Sags as friendly, energetic, honest, open, sincere, generous, and full of joie de vivre.

Another common Sagittarius trait is being easily adaptable. While that sense of fluidity and being able to roll with the punches is often a positive, it also doesn’t always work in their favor. “Inconsistency and restlessness can be an issue for a Sagittarius, which can lead them to jump from one interest to another without committing to anything for an extended time,” Teal says. 

Perhaps this restlessness of spirit is what contributes to the Sagittarian love of travel and exploration, says astrologer and life coach Terry O’Connor, of The Astro Coach. If you have anyone in your life who seems to be packing for a subsequent trip whenever the plane they’re currently on lands, all signs point to them being an adventure-loving Sag whose drive for discovery informs their plans. Things like being outdoors, playing sports, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures are all right up their alley. 

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But, whether or not they actually have their plane tickets and plans in order may remain to be seen, as astrologer Francesca Oddie points out that Sags’ can be blunt, careless, judgmental, and lack follow-through for initiatives to which they commit. “They can be all talk, and no trousers,” Oddie says. But really, anything Sagittarians do get around to completing is almost entirely sure to be fun—because they are the fun. “They bring fun to the situation and a sense of humor,” she adds. Jupiter, the planet that rules the sign of Sagittarius, is all about joy. So they really know how to enjoy themselves. 

What Sagittarius needs to be happy

Sagittarius needs freedom and the ability to spread their wings in order to be truly happy and satisfied. “They can do this through travel or through travels of the mind, like higher education or studying topics that interest them,” she says.  


According to O’Connor, the Sag need for freedom extends to expression and their will to live without boundaries—physically and metaphorically. These archers don’t do well when they feel confined or have to obey many rules. “If you want to go along for the ride with a Sag, be prepared to let whatever happens happen and just enjoy the ride,” he says. 

Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius is a fire sign so they tend to get along well with other fellow fire signs Leo and Aries, as well as with air signs Libra and Aquarius, Teal says. But that doesn’t mean all the other zodiac signs are doomed to be enemies to Sags’. “Other signs in the other elements (water or Earth) could provide interesting growth for Sagittarius, challenging them to look at life and their own life path in a different way,” Teal says.

That said, the archer’s energetic and at times tactless personality can be received as off-putting for the shy, quiet Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Oddie says.

Careers for Sagittarius

To learn more about the best career for you or the Sagittarius in your life, it would be wise to consult a more precise birth chart (specifically looking at the 10th house). But, just based on a Sag sun sign, Teal says the best jobs and careers for this sign allow for travel and experiencing many different things. This means a nine-to-five desk job is probably not ideal unless they have a lot of freedom in terms of actual workflow and responsibilities.

“They need movement and new experiences,” Teal says. “Teaching, whether children or adults, is a possibility. I’ve seen many Sagittarius lawyers. Sagittarius is correlated with our philosophical beliefs, so careers related to spirituality or philosophy is another possibility as well.”

These people is also likely to excel in any career that requires them to convey their beliefs to others, like preaching, selling, and coaching. “Sagittarius can sell an idea to someone because they sell the vision,” Oddie says. Remember, they’re great at seeing the big picture, so it’s easy for them to get other people on board and believing in something that they can uniquely see. 

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