The 2-minute nail art design to steal if you hate doing your nails yourself

September 09, 2019 at 06:43PM by CWC

Getting a manicure is kind of like the ultimate therapy for me. You sit there—phone stashed out of reach in your purse—and totally zen out as your manicurist transforms your nails. Doing your own nails at home, however, might not have quite the same meditative effect. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a clean, chic, effortless look on hand for whenever you don’t have time to snag an appointment.


Negative-space nails are the ultimate time-saver, and the trend just got an upgrade with some nail framing. On the runway at New York Fashion week, models in the Ulla Johnson show rocked a simple yet totally eye-catching look. And it’s ridiculously easy to copy at home. “Creating a partial outline of the nail with this curvy design gives the nails a sexy edge by exposing the natural nail while slightly framing it with a rich pop of color,” said Mabelyn Martin, Paintbox creative director and the creator of the design, per a press release.

Unlike most of the designs you’ll see on the runway, this one only takes a couple minutes to master at home. Here’s exactly how to copy the look, according to Martin.

Photo: Paintbox

How to give yourself a nail framing mani at home

1. With a striping brush, trace the perimeter of the nail to the center fingertip down to the cuticle (creating a J shape).
2. Repeat for full coverage (so two coats).
3. With a touch-up brush, swipe both endpoints to ensure a crisp, squared-off edge.
4. Once dry, apply a topcoat.

Colors used: Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Spice and Like Wild

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