Friday the 13th: Astrologically speaking, should we brace ourselves for bad luck?

September 12, 2019 at 10:49PM by CWC

When I pulled up my calendar today to see my schedule, it dawned on me that Friday the 13th approaches. To get ahead of the bad luck this date seems to promise, I decided to ask an astrologist if there was any significance. (In true Piscean fashion, I was also looking for a way to be the victim instead of take responsibility for my actions should anything go haywire.)


Turns out Friday the 13th is a little misunderstood, and it’s not quite the doomsday it’s been made out to be. Astrologically speaking, September 13, 2019 is significant in that it “only coincides with a Full Moon around every 20 years,” says astrologer Amy Tripp. The next full moon on Friday the 13th won’t happen until 2049. “Itโ€™s superstitious significance has roots in Christianity, as Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper and the crucifixion of Jesus occurred on a Friday,” Tripp says. Also, hey, in tarot 13 is the Death card, she notes.

“Though we have superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th and other ones about full moons, there is no direct astrological significance of these two things happening together,” intuitive healer and astrologer Rachel Lang adds. But astrologically speaking, “the energies up during this time can be quite intense,” she says. “The planets Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars are all involved, in addition to the Sun and Moon. This could mean a perfect blend of mixed emotions, heightened awareness about life circumstances, and a desire to take action on those insights.” The influence of Neptune, Jupiter, and the moon in Pisces mean you should not jump to conclusions (my favorite pastime) and center yourself before taking action.

There’s also special significance to the number 13. “Friday is the day represented by lady Venus and 13 in numerology has a strong feminine vibration to it because of its association with death, rebirth, and creation,” Tripp explains. The calendar used to be lunar, meaning there were 13 cycles. “In astrology, the moon is associated with women and motherhood,” she says.”Like the Moon cycle, women also have 13 menstrual cycles in one year.” Tripp adds: “Due to patriarchy, Friday the 13th with its powerful feminine energy turned into something to be feared.” Put it to the list.

Lang adds that in some pagan cultures, Friday was the day that they held rituals to honor Venus, and some of those rituals included sensual experiences like dance. But, because we have never been able to have nice things, patriarchal religion came in and wanted to get rid of pagan traditions. “In the process, itโ€™s likely traditions that had pagan roots were misrepresented,” she explains. “Christian leaders spread propaganda about these practices, so, they spread fear and dread. Things once seen as ‘lucky’ became ‘unlucky’ or forbidden. If you consider these pagan rituals often occurred during specific times in the lunation cycle or at turns of seasons, the layers of superstition add together, making this a powerful time for those who have more Earth-centered spiritual practices.”

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This is all to say that Friday the 13th is full of strong female energy, explains Lang: “If youโ€™re wanting to tap into more of your witchy power, this would be the time to hold a ritual.”

The fear of Friday the 13th is actually a legit health concern. Also, this is the reason why we’re superstitious about broken mirrors and black cats.ย 

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