I’m a minimalist makeup advocate—here’s why I converted to matte foundation

September 23, 2019 at 04:30AM by CWC

I’ve always been a low-maintenance makeup fan. As a 12 year old, I spent summer afternoons happily posted up in front of my bathroom mirror, practicing mascara-application tips I had read about in magazines, teaching myself how to use an eyelash curler, and trying (and failing) to figure out bronzer.


You won’t catch me with my own YouTube channel any time soon, but my curiosity toward makeup has stayed with me as an adult (I recently figured out how to use bronzer, finally). However, one element of my makeup routine hasn’t changed since middle school: my dedication to powder foundation.

Ever since my dermatologist handed me a compact of jane iredale pressed powder circa 2007 (true story), promising it wouldn’t exacerbate my raging acne—thanks to its clean, good-for-your-skin ingredients—I’ve been too scared to touch a liquid foundation stronger than a BB cream.

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Though I’ve since healed my acne (also thanks to jane, also a true story), my loyalty to powder foundation has stuck. So when I was given the opportunity to try jane iredale’s new Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation—a clean, vegan formula designed to nourish problem skin with beneficial ingredients—I was nervous. When you’re a kid walking around with teal eyeshadow and caked-on bronzer, people think it’s cute. When you’re an adult, not so much.

To ease my nerves, I asked Shawn Towne, global educator at jane iredale, for his insight on this new frontier, and he told me there are three key things to remember when dealing with a matte foundation.

Keep reading for his 3 pieces of wisdom on nailing matte foundation.

1. Choose the right formula

First, make sure you select a clean formula that doesn’t dry out your skin. For most people (myself included) who are intimidated by matte foundation, it calls to mind a cracked, Halloween-makeup-gone-wrong effect—but that doesn’t have to be the case, Towne explains.

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“Some consumers associate matte-finish foundations with drying out the skin, a chalky, cakey appearance, or amplified texture,” Towne says. “What they may not realize is that […] today’s foundations can have a matte finish and still be hydrating to the skin.”

Thanks to Xilogel® (a proprietary blend of tamarind seed and plant-based hyaluronic acid for moisture), Poretect™ (an eco-friendly blend of linseed and celery seed extract for firmness), and peptides (to minimize shine), the Beyond Matte foundation definitely had that hydrating effect. I was expecting it to feel gluey and thick coming out of the bottle, but it had more of a light, silky feel—sort of like my comfort-zone BB cream, but with way more coverage and staying power.


2. Good technique = great results

Next, make sure you have the right application techniques: a good (preferably vegan) brush and just a little bit of product. “The main difference [between matte and standard foundation] is how easily it blends and builds,” Towne explains. “People are also often surprised when they see how quickly it perfects the complexion. It’s like taking a real-life photo filter to your face.”

I’ve written about my efforts to turn my complexion into an IRL Snapchat filter before, and this was the final step I didn’t know I was missing. You know that plump, slightly glowing appearance those filters give your skin? That is legitimately what this stuff did to my face. I couldn’t stop staring at how pretty it looked when the light hit it. Add a little highlighter (another recent addition to my makeup repertoire) and bam. Instagram ain’t got nothin’ on me.

3. Don’t feel limited by your skin type

Though matte foundations are typically recommended for oily skin like mine, properly formulated makeup should work on all skin types, Towne says. “A good matte foundation should not only control shine, but should also minimize texture,” he says. “The resulting appearance can be smoother, fresher, and more refined.”

And that’s what really got me about the matte foundation. Part of the reason I’ve been so stuck on powder is because I felt like it was necessary to absorb the excess oils on my skin.

Call me a foundation newb, but I was honestly shocked that the matte foundation did an even better job of keeping my face looking fresh. When I checked my reflection before heading home from the office on day one of my matte-makeup adventure, my skin looked just as glowy (without looking greasy) as it did that morning. Sorry, middle school me. I’m officially ready for my glow up.

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