Learn what kind of relationship-oriented Libra you are, according to your moon sign

September 24, 2019 at 04:30PM by CWC

Type “famous Libras” into Google and you’ll get served a pretty impressive list of powerful women: Serena Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, and Kim Kardashian West, to name just a few.  It makes sense that so many human supernovas were born between born between September 23 and October 22: Libras are known for setting trends (tennis catsuits!), speaking up for justice (KKW, Esq.!), and being involved in spotlight-grabbing partnerships (conscious uncoupling!). In other words, they’re not exactly the type to fade into the background. But, clearly, as exemplified by these women, there are also a lot of differences in the way they do life—differences that can be partially explained by their individual Libra moon sign.


Astrologically speaking, a person’s moon sign represents their innermost self and the way they experience their feelings. For Libras, the moon sign impacts the degree to which they go deep emotionally. “Libras in general are particularly deep feelers. Libra is an air sign, and air is more intellectual than it is super emotive,” says astrologer and coach Natalia Benson, creator of the Astrology Empowerment Class Series. “But Libra does rule relationships, so they’re very much about connection to other people.” When a Libra sun is looked at in connection to a person’s moon sign, it has a major influence on the person’s connection style. For instance, Paltrow’s cerebral Gemini moon makes her a master at analyzing her feelings, while Stefani’s Cancer moon gives her a more nurturing and sensitive vibe.

So what does this mean for you (or the Libras in your life?) To find out your moon sign—or the moon signs of your Libra friends—simply head over to a free astrology chart generator and input your birth time, place, and location. Then, read on for Benson’s interpretations of how the 12 moon signs influence a Libra’s personality.

Libra with an Aries moon

Libras are known as some of the biggest socialites of the zodiac, but those with their natal moon in Aries might not come across that way. “Libra is about partnership, harmony, and connection, while Aries is more individualistic. They do things their way,” Benson explains. “This might be a Libra that actually enjoys their solitude.” This can either result in a well-rounded personality or a feeling of being at odds with oneself, she adds. It’s all about how well the person has integrated these two sides of who they are.

Libra with a Taurus moon

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“This Libra is going to be a lover through and through,” says Benson, who adds that both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet associated with romance, beauty, and indulgence. Plus, since Taurus is an Earth sign, this moon placement helps to ground Libra’s airy personality. “A Libra with a Taurus moon is going to be in it for the long haul—maybe they get married young or have really long-held relationships,” the astrologer says.

Libra with a Gemini moon

Put these two air signs together, and you’ll get someone who never has trouble expressing how they feel. “This may be a Libra who really values communication in their intimate relationships,” says Benson. “Libras can sometimes be a little avoidant because they don’t like confrontation, but when you have that Gemini moon placement, they want to share. They’re especially invested in their relationships when there’s an intellectual stimulation.” That said, they could also be prone to emotionally connecting over gossip—Libra and Gemini are the two biggest busybodies of the zodiac.

Libra with a Cancer moon

Libra and Cancer are both relationship-oriented signs, so this is a Libra who gets their loved ones on a profound level. “They can be highly emotionally intelligent,” Benson says. “They may know what you truly need from them before you even say it.” But because of their sensitivity, it’s important for them to only surround themselves with people who make them feel safe. “They may be emotionally dependent on the people around them because they give so much and they expect it in return,” she adds.

Libra with a Leo moon

A dramatic fire sign, Leo moons love to be the center of attention in their closest relationships. “More so than other Libras, this one really wants to be doted on and adored,” says Benson. But they also have an independent streak—so don’t expect this person to just sit back and let others take the lead. “The Leo moon sign demands that, emotionally, they’re in charge all the time. Even though they have such a powerful propensity to love, they want to call all the shots.”

Libra with a Virgo moon

This combination with analytical Virgo accentuates the emotionally detached side of the Libra personality. “A Virgo moon sign can feel a little challenging for a Libra, because the Libra wants connection with other people, but they may also be hypercritical of the people around them and of themselves,” says Benson. “This person may be very meticulous about who they let close to them and how they open up their emotions.” This may cause them to jump around to many different relationships—a very Libra trait—before they find the right fit.

Libra with a Libra moon

Double Libras are the purest personification of the typical Libra M.O.—they’re invested in their people, yet they don’t often go deep emotionally because they’re so concerned with keeping the peace. “Libras with a Libra moon are really aloof,” says Benson. “They may be very in their head, and if something upsets them, they’ll retreat.” If you’ve got one of these Libras in your life, just know that they really do value your relationship. “They’re a little hard to read but deep down, they want to be there for you,” says Benson.

Libra with a Scorpio moon

Libra is traditionally known for being a sign that seeks to create harmony wherever it goes. “They’re the perfect politician, the perfect spokesperson—they’re very alluring because they’re so diplomatic,” Benson says. This isn’t always the case for Libras with a Scorpio moon, however. “They will let you know if you’re not their cup of tea. They’re very aware of how they feel, more so than most Libras.” Chalk it up to the fact that Scorpio is an emotionally deep water sign, ruled by intense, penetrating Pluto.

Libra with a Sagittarius moon

“This person is the best cheerleader ever,” says Benson, who adds this is because the fiery Sag moon brings a mega-dose of passion to the table. “When they love and care about you, they will go to the ends of the earth and fight for you,” she adds. The Libra/Sag combination also loves adventure and trying new things, making them an ideal travel buddy—the kind who probably wouldn’t say no to a spontaneous motorcycle trip through South America, as long as they had the right companion.

Libra with a Capricorn moon

Those with an earthy Capricorn moon often find emotional fulfillment through their careers. When a Libra sun is in the mix, harmonious relationships are a huge part of that. “This is going to be a Libra who has unique synergy between being very diplomatic and knowing how to connect to people, but also being a little more productivity-focused than other Libras,” Benson says, adding that they also value security in every aspect of their lives, which is a major contrast to the flighty air-sign stereotype.

Libra with an Aquarius moon

If you’re looking for a warm-and-fuzzy Libra, this double-air-sign combination probably won’t be it—at least, not right away. “It will take a lot of time before they let you know how they feel,” Benson explains. “They don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their emotional energy.” But once this Libra’s confirmed you’re a person of integrity—or someone who shares a connection to a cause they support—you’re golden. (Aquarius moons often get in their feelings when humanitarian issues are involved.)

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Libra with a Pisces moon

This is another challenging sun/moon combo, according to Benson. “Libra is a little more aloof, whereas a Pisces moon wants to go into the depths of the dynamics between people,” she says. “They’re very dichotomous.” That said, this Libra is extremely good at reading those around them. “They have very powerful emotional intuition. They can tell when people are full of BS or they really mean what they say.” For example, Kardashian West has a Pisces moon—and all signs point to her having a major cosmic asset in the courtroom one day.

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