Get yourself a vial of what one aromatherapy exec calls the ‘duct tape of essential oils’

September 26, 2019 at 01:00PM by CWC

When you’re looking for a little bit of self-soothing, it’s makes sense to turn to your toolbox of essential oils. But…which one is best? Do you use lavender oil for a sense of calm? Do you try on a citrus scent to perk you out of a bad mood? Will rolling on some grapefruit with a carrier oil bounce you into your day with an extra dose of energy? Well, yes, all around. So many essential oils offer worthy benefits that choosing just one to rely on for some restorative healing is no small task. But an aromatherapy exec might just have the answer to your essential-oil woes. She says peppermint essential oil benefits are numerous, and when blended with two other high-performing oils, it’s a gold-standard product for holistic healing.

“I like to call Peppermint Halo the duct tape of essential oils because it supports pretty much everything,” says Kiara LeBlanc, chief innovation and brand officer at Saje Natural Wellness. “Originally formulated for headaches, it does so much more than that: It gives major love to tight shoulders, pulled muscles, hangovers, low energy—I could go on. It’s not just versatile, but convenient and quick to work.”

Peppermint Halo is a blend, meaning it contains several essential oils. While the star of the vial is its eponymous peppermint—and peppermint essential oil benefits do abound—other worthy additions are mixed in, adding up to that duct-tape versatility status: rosemary and lavender. All three of these oils are adept at soothing sore muscles, but there’s a reason peppermint is dominant: Research has shown that peppermint oil can provide major relief when it comes to tension headaches, in addition to offering energizing and focusing benefits.

“The peppermint, lavender, and rosemary essential oils get to work right away, providing relief for pain, giving a boost of energy, and also easing overall tension.” —Kiara LeBlanc, Saje Natural Wellness executive

“When rolled on, the peppermint, lavender, and rosemary essential oils get to work right away, penetrating and providing relief for pain, giving a boost of energy, and also easing overall tension—generally just making people feel better,” LeBlanc says.

To really maximize the blend’s powers, LeBlanc says application technique is key—and that’s where the “halo” in the product name comes from. The recommended way to do it is to roll on the blend around your entire hairline, creating a cooling halo effect. But to be clear, Peppermint Halo is all about direct application on whatever is bugging you (head, hamstrings, forearms, whatever), and a similar application technique can be used on those areas. And because the product doesn’t use a carrier oil, it won’t give you greasy hair if that’s the location of your aches. Praise be.

Other peppermint essential oil benefits? Calming foot odor and making your blowout session more palatable on a hot day.

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