The good-for-your-face reason to buy compostable face wipes

September 26, 2019 at 03:01PM by CWC

It’s becoming more and more clear how important it is to live sustainably, and that means taking time to replace single-use items with eco-friendly options. While rethinking the amount of plastic you bring home is a great place to start, another easy thing you can do to make a difference? Give your face wipes an upgrade. Not just for the planet, but also for your skin.


Simple recently released a new version of its beloved cleansing wipes—ones that are completely compostable. Because you can compost them, they’re not adding to the millions of tons of garbage going into landfills every year, but you’re still getting the same quality and effectiveness. They’re just as thick, soft, and stretchy—only this time, they’re made from natural fibers. Particularly wood pulp.

Rubbing wood pulp around on your face might sound a little scary at first, but hear me out. Because the wipes are made from the natural fiber, they use more of “the juice”—which, in theory, distributes more hydrating, skin-loving ingredients to your face, keeping your skin silky-smooth and moisturized. Aside from the potential skin benefits, wood pulp is also super renewable and sustainable, and the wipes can biodegrade in just 42 days. Pretty wild.

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So sure, it’s always cool to do the planet good. But when you reap some extra benefits for your efforts in the process, even better.

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