October 31, 2019 at 09:00PM by CWC

As soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees here in New York City, I commence a lifestyle I like to call “cocooning.” There’s really only one rule: I have to be cozy at least 98 percent of the time to protect my spirit from Jack Frost’s bitter grip. Needless to say that this involves purchasing many sweaters. On an impromptu trip to Aerie, I stumbled upon the Oversized Desert Sweatshirt ($31). And, well, its cotton material makes me feel like I’m wondering the Sahara on nippy days.

The silhouette of the crew neck sweatshirt practically begs you wear it with your favorite black or printed leggings. It comes in sizes range of XXS to XXL, and falls just under the butt with slits that run up the right and left side for a fashion-forward accent. Because a Pantone closet is a happy closet, the garment comes in 12 different hues and patterns to support you on your cheetah print days, when you’re vibing gray, and every Big Mood in between.

Personally, I’m a fan of wearing my cobalt blue desert sweatshirt atop my sports bra and leggings on my trek to hot yoga, then I’ll change back into it once I’ve showered. Add a scarf and some cute sneakers, and what you end up with is a lounge outfit going undercover as a majorly chic athleisure play. To dress it up, you could go up a size and wear it with tights and boots. Or, if you were feeling trés-(casual)-chic, you could even belt the washed out garment at the waist.

Winter doesn’t stand a chance.

These lounge pants also meet cocooning criteria, and so do these wire-free bras

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Author Kells McPhillips | Well and Good
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