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The final Mercury retrograde of 2019 started on Halloween and isn’t going direct until November 20, i.e., nearly Thanksgiving. Since the retrograde is in Scorpio this time around, you can expect to have a super-emotional time because the scorpion is notorious for secrecy and deep feelings. Basically, if you’re feeling a bit more sensitive right now, that makes sense.

But before you resolve to throw your phone away and hibernate to ride out the remainder of the retrograde, heed some advice from design historian Alessandra Wood, PhD, an astrology buff and VP of style at Modsy, a virtual home-design service. “There are ways to make your home a calm respite so you can deal with the battles retrograde has to offer,” she says. “But it’s important to note that each zodiac sign will have a different way of dealing with it, depending on their personality.” Below, check out her top zodiac decor tips for decorating your home in order to survive retrograde, based on your sign.

To stay calm through the Mercury retrograde, make the following zodiac decor tweak for your sign.

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Aries: Start a decluttering project

Fiery Aries is known for its wild temper, but with communication in flux during retrograde, now isn’t the time to get into any deep discussions with whomever you share a living space. “This is likely not the best time to confront your partner or roommate about their poor taste in decor,” says Wood. “Instead, try taking on a meaningful project in your home, like decluttering a forgotten room or redecorating your personal space.” The repetitive motion of this action will calm an Aries and prevent them from saying something they might regret.

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Taurus: Invest in a luxury item

“Lovers of all things luxurious, Taureans are among the most likely signs to have a beautiful home,” says Wood. Since you’ll feel off-center during this time, Wood recommends the best zodiac decor change to make is to invest in a solid, opulent piece you’ll absolutely love. “Introduce this new stability into your life this month as a way to feel certain about your future.”

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Gemini: Host a party

These chatty, social twins need to be around people in order to feel centered. So, why not host a party? “Gemini has a knack for good conversation and loves to engage in witty banter,” says Wood. “But if you decide to host, skip the Bluetooth speaker and go analog instead. Dust off your old record player and dig up your favorite board game. No technology snafus will get in the way of your good time.”

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Cancer: Hang photos of your loved ones

“Cancers are total homebodies, so they need a space that exudes comfort. But with lines of communication crossed this month, take extra care of your sensitive soul, Cancer,” says Wood. Decorate with nostalgic touches that remind you of the people you love. “Take this time to frame and hang or arrange photos of your family and friends throughout your space.”

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Leo: Have a photo shoot

As kings and queens of the jungle, Leos thrive from being the center of attention. “Leos have a natural inclination toward performance, drama, and flair,” says Wood. “They find calmness by knowing their space is Instagram ready at any moment. Style out a few amazing vignettes with your prized statement pieces, and invite your friends over to share in the fun.”

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Virgo: Invest in some interesting storage items

Arguably the most pragmatic and organized of all the zodiac signs, Virgo needs to know they can find everything they need as soon as possible. “Create a Virgo-approved, clean, and minimalist space by investing in an enclosed storage piece in which everything can be put away in its proper place,” says Wood. “Bonus points for organizing everything inside individual containers with color-coded labels.”

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Libra: Give feng shui a shot

The sign of the scales, Libras need their lives to be in perfect balance, which can be tough during a Mercury retrograde, when everything is in flux. “This sign would be happiest embracing symmetry and following the traditional rules of interior design to create a home that’s as balanced as they are,” says Wood. “Green is also the color of balance, so adding a few pops of that around your space will be equally helpful. Feng shui also facilitates creating a home that relies on energy to create a sense of stability.”

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Scorpio: Try some mood lighting

Dark, dreamy, and emotional, Scorpio needs to be in a space where they can brood in peace—especially now. “Striking the right ambience is key for this sign, since Scorpio revels in intensity and passion,” says Wood. “Look for pieces that shine the perfect moody and mysterious lighting on your space.”

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Sagittarius: Add some new art to your gallery wall

“Outgoing and energetic, the Sagittarius dweller is drawn to an eclectic and artsy style,” says Wood. As this sign can be extremely drawn to finding the philosophy behind everything, Wood suggests the zodiac decor tweak of adding some art to infuse that theme within the home. “Add new art to your walls this month to inspire your creative side and fuel your mind’s search for meaning,” she says.

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Capricorn: Do absolutely nothing

Capricorn is known to be very disciplined and serious, and can be the workaholics of the zodiac. “Because they’re so focused on their work, they would be wise to not make any changes that will affect their mind-set at this time,” says Wood. “I would suggest they do absolutely nothing different in their homes, as Capricorns need a familiar place to return to each day.”

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Aquarius: Buy some houseplants

Eccentric and fun, Aquarians are known for their independence, inventiveness, and free-spirited nature. They’re also the humanitarians of the zodiac, always hunting for the next great cause to champion. “Sharing their homes with other living beings is important to these compassionate souls, so if you don’t have a pet, now’s the time to load up on houseplants.” says Wood.

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Pisces: Invest in some cozy throws, pillows, and linens

Easily the most emotional and sensitive of all the zodiac signs, Pisces is especially affected by Mercury in retrograde, and needs to invest in items that evoke coziness and calmness. “Pisces love to be alone, and need time to recharge right now,” says Wood. “Invest in new bed linens and pillows to create the ultimate retrograde hideaway.”

Speaking of zodiac decor, are you the market for more houseplants? Here’s the best one for your sign. And here’s the best nighttime routine for you, astrologically speaking.

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