November 18, 2019 at 06:33PM by CWC

Imagine a running sneaker splashed with bold one-of-a-kind colors, built on comfortable yet supportive sole made from recycled materials. New Balance accomplishes all of this with its new sustainable shoes so you can log mile after mile without worrying about your carbon footprint. Introducing the Test Run Project 3.0 (New Balance PRJ 3), which launched on November 15 for $180.

Designed by Seth Maxwell at the New Balance Global Design Center, the sustainable shoes utilize scraps left over from other New Balance products to create a recycled shoe that comes in three colorways: pink, yellow, and green. Because each pair features a blend of reclaimed materials, each sneaker is unique.

The uppers of the sustainable shoes are created using surplus mesh, synthetic, and upper webbing from the factory, according to a press release from New Balance. Maxwell also used leftover midsole color pellets to fill in the midsole, and surplus lining for the sock-like neck of the shoe. Plus, the outsole contains 30 percent recycled material.

The limited-edition sneakers are flying off the shelves already. So if you’ve got your eye on a pair, run don’t walk.

Stretch it out before and after you hit the pavement:

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