Every astrological sign has its strengths and a shadow side—here’s a deeper look into your darkness

January 13, 2020 at 05:34PM by CWC


Are you one of those people who broadcasts your sign as a humble brag of sorts? Like, “I’m a Libra, which I want you to interpret as meaning I’m super charismatic and the best at relationships.” I don’t do this because I’m an Aries and we’re known for being full of ourselves so it’s a little too on the nose, but if you are prone to this behavior, I’m sure you’re not alone. You might think twice about divulging your sign unless solicited, however, when you consider that for every positive aspect of your sign exist shadow-side characteristics.

In any case, what this means is that any good characteristic of your sign can manifest in ways that are not-so-good. For example, if you are an independent Aries, you can also be selfish, intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang points out. So, which negative traits have you been unwittingly advertising all these years?

Discover the shadow side of your star sign


They can be fiercely independent and confident. The shadow side is they can seem selfish. They can also be competitive, and this can lead to challenges in relationships.


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Taurus is a stable and reliable. They tend to appreciate financial security and make wise decisions to ensure it. The shadow side is they can be resistant to change once they have a sense of security.


Gemini is curious and enjoys learning new things. They can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. At the same time, they may have a difficult time sticking to one thing and staying committed to what they start. Their gift of gab can make them prone to gossip, too. They love to tell a good story!


Cancer has a reputation for being moody, and this could be considered a shadow side. But what drives Cancer’s occasional mood swings is a lack of self-care. Cancer is the nurturer of the Zodiac, and they tend to take care of those they love. When they neglect themselves, though, Cancer can feel depleted or even resentful.


Leo is the sign of creative expression. If they don’t use their creative juices productively, though, they could become wrapped up in others’ drama… or create their own. Their best line of defense against this shadow side is to find healthy ways to express themselves, through writing, performing, leading a team, sports, etc.


Virgo has the gift of discernment. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of details, and because of this, they have a keen ability to spot imperfections. The shadow side of this is a tendency toward perfectionism. When their perfectionism kicks in, they can worry about the details and feel stuck with fear, doubt, or anxiety.


Libra is the relationship sign, and because of this, they tend to be focused on others, especially in making sure others are at peace and happy. This tendency, when out of balance, can lead to people-pleasing. The way Libra expresses this tendency is by having a difficulty saying no for fear of disappointing others. They could also lose a sense of what they want because they’re usually so keyed into others’ desires. Because they can see all sides of a situation, they also can be indecisive.


Scorpio is careful when it comes to relationships. You have to earn their trust. When they love, they love whole-heartedly, and this is why it can take time for them to wholly commit to a relationship. When their trust is betrayed in any way, they can hold onto that hurt. Their shadow side may want revenge, or at least poetic justice. They can have a tendency to hold back emotions for fear of showing their vulnerable, soft sides. I say this, but Scorpios are some of the most loyal, committed, deep, and generous people I know. So, even when they are playing in their shadows, you can still sense their soft side.


Sagittarius is known for telling the truth. They tend to have a very black and white definition of truth, and they don’t often live in the gray. When they decide something is true, they stand by that belief with fervor. Sometimes, though, they can take this to an extreme and speak the truth too bluntly. They may inadvertently offend others as a result.


Capricorn needs to have a goal in mind for everything they do. They are ambitious and don’t like to waste effort on anything that isn’t going to last long term, whether it’s a career path, relationship, or personal goal. They don’t easily give up. The shadow side of this Capricorn is they can be too concerned with the future that they don’t go with the flow. They can have an inner control freak.


Aquarius is an intellectual sign. They have active, creative, and inventive minds, and they often privilege their minds over their emotions. This can lead to the shadow side of Aquarius, which is detachment from emotions, especially in times of stress. Aquarius has a strong, independent spirit. They need plenty of alone time and space within relationships.

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Pisces can have one foot in the practical world and one foot in the spiritual. They can be imaginative and creative, but their shadow side can be grounding that creative energy into a tangible form. They may become distracted, especially by other people. They can be generous to a fault, too.

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