The best workout for you to try, based on your Myers-Briggs type

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If you’re someone who simply doesn’t like to work out, have you ever considered that perhaps you haven’t tried the modality that really does it for you? And even if you do like a solid sweat sesh, you might not be fully aware of other fitness options that really rev you up. That’s might be because there are so many different kinds of exercise these days that are practically as disparate and unique as our personalities.

Whether you prefer efficiency (like an ESFP), routine (like an ISFJ), or novelty (like an ENFP), there’s a workout out there for you. Below, learn what you should try next, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type, which takes into account what you value when you move. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!)

Check out the best kinds of exercise for you to try, according to your Myers-Briggs type.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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ISFJ: Running

ISFJs are creatures of habit, but high-achievers nonetheless. Running is the perfect exercise for you, because it allows you to master and perfect your technique while also improving your endurance. You may even enjoy running the same paths again and again, so you can tune out the world as you get into shape.

ESFJ: Barre

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Your attention to detail is natural, so why not bring that into your fitness routine? Barre’s precision-training method will tone muscles at the micro level, which you can incorporate into your already super-active lifestyle. Setting aside regular time to attend classes is also right up your alley, because you need to plan exercise into your week.

ISTJ: Weightlifting

ISTJs love routine and achieving continual small gains, which makes weightlifting the perfect regimen. To appeal to your love of structure, you can create a new mini regimen for arms, legs, shoulders, and every other body part to get your desired results.

ESTJ: Yoga

ESTJs are busy and always on the go, with minimal downtime to spare. So, ever the efficient one, you really appreciate your exercise regimen to be an escape, not an obligation. Yoga is perfect for you, because it promotes mindfulness and connecting with your inner self, and allows you to satisfy your fitness and relaxation goals at once.

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ESFPs are active and often have a short attention span, which means they accomplish many varied tasks. You don’t need long workouts in order to clock in your movement for the day, so try HIIT. High-intensity interval training allows you to get the maximum results in a minimal amount of time while challenging your body in a way that you like.

ISFP: Rowing

ISFPs have an appreciation for nature’s beautiful settings, but they also like to challenge themselves physically. Rowing or kayaking is the perfect way to start your day. On a quiet morning, get in touch with your surroundings by getting out on a lake or river. If you enjoy company and teamwork, you can also join a rowing club to maximize the workout as a (necessary) social event and exercise. And, if you don’t live near open water, look for a rowing-focused fitness class you can join.

ESTP: Extreme Sports

ESTPs are also highly active, build a lot of movement into their day naturally, and generally prefer when workouts feel like play time. Opting for extreme sports is a natural fit, whether that’s surfing, skiing, snowboarding or skateboarding. You hate following the crowd and doing what others are doing, and you’d rather do kinds of exercise that are are uniquely enjoyable for you to master.

ISTP: Mountain biking

You enjoy nature and challenging yourself to take on very individualized goals, which makes mountain biking a great fit. You can cover a lot of ground and see a lot of cool things, while also getting a great workout. Just stay safe while you’re doing it, especially since you tend to take risks and be spontaneous. Stay the proper course, and wear the right gear.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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ENFP: Circuit classes

ENFPs appreciate kinds of exercise that are fun and include variety. That’s why a circuit training class like Orangetheory, which includes a variety of disciplines (like running or jogging, spin, yoga, HIIT, weight training), is great for you. You won’t feel bored, and you’ll be more inclined to have fun.

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INFP: Hiking

INFPs are nature lovers, but they sometimes neglect their physical health in favor of emotional and mental worlds. That’s why hiking is great for you: It allows you to wander (physically and mentally) and truly enjoy your surroundings while improving your fitness.

ENFJ: Swimming

ENFJs like to process their thoughts while they work out and use the time to check out from the world around them. You also prefer to find a groove, and do something very regimented. Swimming is a great exercise for you. You can master different strokes, and you like the routine of putting on your gear, getting into the pool and staying in your lane—mentally and physically.

INFJ: Circuit training

You’re a high-achiever, and you also love to make plans. Circuit training, which allows you to map out a series of exercises to work through, is a great fit for your personality type. In a day, you’ll be able to work on abs, arms, or endurance, for example. But in a week, you’ll be working toward the bigger picture of working your whole body.

Myers-Briggs types and romantic relationships
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INTJ: Walking

INTJs tend to enjoy workouts that don’t feel like work, or, in essence, feel like multitasking. Since movement helps you process your day, you might find that walking is both excellent exercise and a great way for your mind to synthesize all the information you absorb during your workday. After a day of work, evening walks will really do the trick for you.

INTP: Elliptical

You prefer mental activity to physical. Perhaps you’ve even mentally checked out to such an extent that you’ve made yourself prone to injury. (Hey, you just love to think while you move!) That’s why elliptical is great for your personality; it allows natural motion, it’s easier on the joints, and you can easily track how long you’ve been working out. Oh, and while using it, you can feel free to think away.

ENTP: Personal training

You’re well aware of the benefits that exercise stands to offer your mental and physical health, but you know yourself and you know you’d likely benefit from someone helping to keep you accountable. Personal training is a great solution because it allows for accountability and excellent exercise on structured timetable, with little guesswork left to you. And if personal training isn’t in the cards, having a gym buddy will also help to keep you accountable.

ENTJ: Boxing

ENTJs like to challenge themselves in all realms of life. Boxing or kickboxing can help you blow off steam from a challenging workday, and these kinds of exercise will also help you achieve your fitness goals.

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