This is the most-commented on brows thread on Reddit—here’s how to replicate the look

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Your eyebrows are one of the most—if not the most—distinguishing features of your face. Science even says so. This is probably why so many brow-enhancing treatments and products exist, from eyebrow extensions to microblading to lamination, all in the name of bushy, beautiful arches. One of the slightly more simple ways to achieve this look at home? With a really good eyebrow grooming routine.

Reddit, which happens to be a treasure trove of beauty tips, has thousands of posts on the subject of full brows. But one of them outranks all, with the most comments (103, to be exact) and more than 3,200 upvotes (when users mark a post as, well, good). The user posted a selfie with the caption, “The day my brows peaked,” and she’s right. Her arches are full, perfectly shaped, and brushed up.

Lucky for us, the Reddit user shared her step-by-step eyebrow grooming routine so that we can easily copy it for ourselves. Keep scrolling for her secrets.

The ultimate eyebrow grooming routine for full arches, according to a Redditor

1. Prep your hair: “I coat [my brush] with Dipbrow, then pinch the base of the brush hairs and pull out the excess product,” the user writes (she’s referencing the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, $21). “It acts like a gel and it’ll give me a firm, thin edge.” For this, she uses a really sharp, small brush, like the Anastasia 7B Brush ($18).

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2. Apply powder: Grab a translucent powder and dab some onto a large, fluffy brush. “Tap off the excess and lightly pass it over your entire brow area,” says the Redditor.

3. Line the bottom: Use a brow pencil to draw a really light line under the inner part of your brow. “Then take a spoolie and gently brush up until it’s more or less blended,” she says, adding that she lines underneath her brows as close to the hairs as she can, and stops the line right before the tail. “I try to use a light hand here, too.” You can do some blending here to blur the line.

4. Work the top: “I draw the tail from the top of my brow downwards, then connect it to the bottom part of my brow,” writes the Redditor. She says that she imagines where she wants her arch to end, then starts from that point and draws individual strokes angling downwards to make a tail. After that, she takes a step back to look at her brows to see what areas look sparse. “I fill those in with thin strokes in the same direction as the hairs near it.”

5. Clean up: With an angled brush—the Redditor uses Morphe M165 ($4)—clean up any mistakes or fallout. She notes that she uses a concealer to help with the task, too, and sharpen the look of the brow at the bottom. “For the top, I use a concealer brush, and I use the side as opposed to the tip to draw from the inner to the outer [brow],” she writes. “Then I do the area between my brows.”

6. Even things out: For the final step, take your brow pencil and draw a few strokes to make each inner brow even, since they tend to be sparse in different places. Then, et voila: full brows.

Watch below to learn about eyebrow pinching, which is one of the many brow treatments you can get:


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