An RD and a natural makeup artist got real about supplements—here’s what happened

March 17, 2020 at 10:00AM by CWC


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It’s easy to believe that your Instagram role model for learning about all things wellness (we all have one) must have every aspect of their own health nailed down, right?

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But, even natural makeup artist Alexandria Gilléo—whose inside-out wellness motto inspires her to share the many (many, many) ways she lives out this philosophy with her followers—has areas of her routine that could use some work.

“I feel like I have a pretty good fitness and wellness routine,” Gilléo says. “I always get my eight hours of sleep. I have a great meditation practice. I would say I eat 80 percent plant-based foods.” While all of these ladder up to her overarching healthy-living philosophy, her hectic, always-on-set schedule left her looking for some backup. Yes, even the wellness experts have to call in the pros sometimes.

Yes, even the wellness experts have to call in the pros sometimes.

That’s why Gilléo joined forces with Nature’s Way® to sync up with Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of Real Nutrition, for advice on the types of supplements she should integrate into her life in order to keep her health on point.

Gilléo knows she’s vitamin B-12 deficient, so that was a no-brainer suggestion for keeping her cellular energy up.* Plus, because of her mostly plant-based diet, Shapiro had some suggestions for filling that nutritional gap.

“Because you don’t eat fish, I would recommend that you get your omega-3s from a supplement in order to meet your essential fatty acid needs for the brain, heart, eye, and skin health,” Shapiro says.* “Nature’s Way NutraVege™ is a great way to get omega-3s without the fish since it’s sourced from algae.” Did you hear that, plant-based peeps?

Since Gilléo’s schedule is so unpredictable (and because she gets up close and personal with her clients while doing their makeup), Shapiro says it’s vital that she pay attention to her immune system. “For traditional immune support, keep Nature’s Way Sambucus Drops in your makeup kit,” Shapiro adds.* “They’re an ultra-strength drop made from a unique variety of elderberries that have higher levels of naturally occurring flavonoids.”

Eager to see how Gilléo transformed the rest of her inside-out wellness routine? You’ll have to tune into the video for the rest of Shapiro’s wisdom—plus, snag a few ideas for yourself along the way.

Watch the video above for more inside-out wellness inspiration from Shapiro that you can apply to your own wellness routine.


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