A 20-Minute Guided Meditation For Times Of Uncertainty Or Unknown

March 29, 2020 at 12:04PM

In Shamanism, we call these times of uncertainty or unknown “the void.” We know this realm holds massive positive power for unlocking dormant gifts and love within you, to expanding into greater possibilities for your life, and raising your perspective to higher grounds that support a rebirth into your grandest self.

This passageway oftentimes requires courage, perseverance, and trust. But if we hold the new line and can find spaces to remain optimistic (even when challenged or when experiencing fear), we will be taken to an expanded, blessed, and illuminated new path on which to proceed!

I’ve designed this guided shamanic journey to support you in aligning with this up-leveled pathway for your life. It’s for activating a powerful new energetic system within you for greater confidence, peace, and trust during these times of the void, or great unknown.

Through this voyage, you will find your way to a new navigational system within you, that possesses deeper intuitive power, an opportunity to send prayers and gratitude to others, and a blessing of Divine protection in all areas your life going through change at this time.

Let’s begin.

This journey supports both personal and planetary empowerment during this awakening—hopefully you’re feeling it.

While these times can feel unsettling, they are a tremendous opportunity for growth and positive change. By tapping into our highest self, may we all get through this together with trust, support, and love.

Author Rock-Star Shaman Alyson Charles | Life by Daily Burn
Selected by CWC

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