At-home workouts that require little or no equipment

At-home workouts that require little or no equipment

At-home workouts: 8 exercises you can do in your living room



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Struggling to put together a workout? We’ve rounded up the best exercises you can do at home so you don’t have to worry about skipping your physical and mental boost for the day. 

While the buzzing atmosphere and the water cooler chat may get you hyped for your next HIIT class, sweating it out in the privacy of your living room with no one around is a saviour in times when the gym is a no-go. 

“During challenging times, maintaining a fitness routine becomes more essential than ever,” says Jon Roberts, director at Matt Roberts Personal Training. “There are obviously all the health benefits of maintaining an exercise programme but also the mental side of having a routine is vital. When normal activity is reduced, we also need to make sure that we keep the body more mobile, especially if we are likely to be seated more.” So, get ready to blitz your body from head to toe with these strength-boosting workouts.

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