4 Spring Items I’m Actually Buying Vintage

April 22, 2020 at 02:03PM

When I feel a new trend or microtrend coming on, the first thing I do is turn to secondhand options. Whether it’s a comeback of an iconic bag style—like the Celine Triomphe or Prada bowling bag or simply a trend I’ve spotted all over fashion week—looking to the past is my favourite way to get involved.


While there’s a trend-driven intention in this style of shopping, I always feel more likely to hold onto my vintage pieces much longer than I would something I found on the high street. With each trend piece that pops into my head, I take a minute to consider how it might fit into my existing wardrobe. I also take time to research the best options across Etsy and Vestiaire Collective.

I ensure the quality is up to snuff, make sure it’s made with long-lasting fabrics and inspect it for any damages. This is how I am able to determine whether or not my purchase will be a good investment. Once I go through this process, buying into a trend feels so right, especially since vintage allows it to be one of a kind. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces right now that I’ve generously decided to share with you, dear reader.

Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best trending pieces to buy vintage right now, plus all of my tips for how to find them.

As fashion continues to reissue classic bags, the selection of vintage choice gets better and better. This year, we’ve seen Celine’s Triomphe bag and Prada’s bowling bag make a strong return across the various fashion weeks. Searching the vintage section of Vestiaire Collective, I simply set the “materials” filter to “silk” and “cloth” to find affordable versions of these gems.

Kate Spade Autumn/Winter Sale

Thanks to Ganni, massive bib collars have become a recurring favourite microtrend for the last year. If you poke through vintage shops, you’ll almost always find a big white blouse. As well as working as the perfect layering piece under cosy jumpers, they are also a lovely spring piece on their own. 

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From floral embroidery to fruit crochet-knit details and scenic views, novelty knits are set to be one of the major knit trends of the year. Definitely part of the bigger granny-chic vibe a lot of the fashion set has been channelling lately. Lucky for us, there are loads of fun novelty knits in the depths of Etsy. 

My longtime dream of bringing back the bed jacket might just be that much closer to coming true. The Scandi-loved trend—aka quilted coats—really became the real deal this fashion month (especially a yellow one from Rodebjer). I’ve scrolled through Etsy to find some of the best quilted pieces here for you. 

 *This article has been updated by Isabel Mundigo-Moore. Next Up: I Mostly Shop Secondhand—Here Are the Best Pieces From Etsy, Vestiaire, and eBay

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