Our 25 Priority Buys and the Ones We’re Putting on the Backburner for Later

April 24, 2020 at 05:00AM

When we imagined what we’d be wearing this spring (as one does in the dead of winter), sweatpants, hoodies, and slippers weren’t really it, but here we are. While right now, our clothing shopping priority is comfort, that’s not to say we aren’t still daydreaming about what we’re going to wear when it’s safe to go out again.


Given the nature of our line of work, our editors keep ongoing shopping lists (even if it’s just in our heads), which we’re sharing here in case you’re seeking some inspiration.

Below, get a glimpse at the things at the top of our wish lists (and shop them for yourself, if you’re so inclined) and those that we really want to wear down the road. We hope you find something that brings you as much joy as these 25 pieces will hopefully soon bring us.

Kate Spade Autumn/Winter Sale

“A thrifty thrill is top of mind right now. I’m holding on any bigger spending and will be getting my fashion kicks with affordable items that I know I’ll wear a ton.”

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“I’ve been so inspired by all the DIY tie-dying I’ve seen on Instagram lately, especially since the print itself is so mood-lifting. However, since I don’t have a backyard to work with at the moment, I’m probably just going to give in and buy a few pieces for myself and spare my apartment the mess. On the flipside, despite seeing countless spring and summer dress I’d love to get my hands on, I’ll probably be holding on buying anything until I have real plans to do something in the works.”


“Even though I’m living in my sweats, I still want to feel cute while doing so and scratch my never-ending shopping itch, so I’m prioritizing comfy and affordable basics right now. I just placed an order for a few neutral bodysuits and ribbed tanks I hope to wear tucked into said sweats now and with jeans down the line.” “A few months ago, I got subtle curtain bangs, and now they’re growing out into an awkward length. Instead of cutting them myself because I don’t trust my skills there, I’m buying hair accessories like these elastic headbands from Amazon to hide them (and hopefully look this cool doing it). Lastly, and I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m shopping for a boxy linen blazer to wear over leggings and bike shorts to look polished when I call into Zoom meetings and have my eye on this affordable H&M version.” “Two summer trends I’m lusting after big-time are lace-up tops and tailored Bermuda shorts. So provided I have somewhere to wear them while the weather permits it, I’ll be scooping up a version of each at my earliest convenience.”

“I’m finding comfort in fun, affordable purchases right now, and this cute Topshop dress is at the top of my list. It’s getting warmer in L.A., so I’ll wear it around the house and for Zoom meetings. I also love minimalist sandals, which I’m dying to wear for my dog walks. (Because I can only stand wearing mismatched socks and beat-up sneakers for so long.) As for what I’m putting on the back burner, I’m very tempted to buy this Veronica Beard beauty right now because it’s on major sale, but I might have to wait until I can actually go into the office again. It’s perfect for work because it’s a structured shape, but the square neckline and pink color give it a fashion-girl touch.”

“Right now, effortless, non-restrictive poplin tops and dresses are high up on my wish list—a welcome alternative to all the sweatshirts and leggings I’ve been living in for the past month. I particularly love tiered styles and puff sleeves—anything that is billowy and comfortable. I had planned on investing in a chic summer suit, but I’ll save that for later down the line.”

“I actually just bought this Coach x Richard Bernstein sweatshirt with Barbra Streisand. I love Babs and I’m living in sweats RN, so it seemed perfect to me. It’s also one of those special pieces that just brings me joy. I’m in the market for a fresh shirt to throw on with my other comfortable clothes when I want to look more professional for some of my Zoom meetings. I’m particularly feeling this button-down with the unexpected abstract print. I live in slides in the summer months, and am saving for this pair from Gucci. I think they’d look quite cool with tube socks as well.”

“I’ve been living in legging outfits at home recently, so I just ordered a slit-leg version, which I’ve been inspired to try out. The trend is definitely bubbling up and now is the perfect time to wear it. For when I get out of the house, I would love to invest in a leather blazer—a piece I’ve had my eye on for a long time now.”

“Right now, all I can think about are comfortable clothes I can wear at home but that also make me feel pulled-together. These pieces below will help me achieve exactly that. Later, I’m looking forward to finally be able to wear tube tops and long shorts. I think the duo feels fresh right now.”

It’s starting to get too hot for sweatpants, so I’ve been stocking up on sweat shorts to stay cool and comfortable in. I’ve also been on the hunt for pretty earrings lately. Even if I don’t have any Zoom meetings or FaceTime calls planned, they make my casual clothes feel a little more special. For the future, I’m hoping to add a breezy midi dress or two to my wardrobe and fun, strappy sandals with low heels since I’ve been pretty much only wearing slippers for months.


Author Allyson Payer | Whowhatwear
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