The $10 Accessories I’m Wearing for All My Virtual Hangouts

April 24, 2020 at 05:00AM


From FaceTime to Zoom, WhatsApp to Skype, there’s no question I’ve spent more time on video calls in the past month than ever before, staying connected with my fellow colleagues, my family, and my friends as we navigate our way through the current pandemic climate.

The one thing I’ve quickly realized about seeing myself enlarged on a video chat is that my lusterless looks could really do with a little livening up—especially from the chest up. So for the past few weeks, I’ve made a point of amping up my top-half with the power of some chic accessories that don’t cost a fortune. (My bottom half is still reserved for cozy and comfortable sweatpants, pajamas, and shorts—or lack thereof sometimes).

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There’s no question I feel more productive and confident when I bring my sartorial A-game to the table, so below, I’m sharing some of the cool and affordable accessories I’m wearing for all my virtual hangouts—all of which clock in around a very favorable $10.

Headbands are one of the easiest (and affordable) ways to add a cute touch to your look. While I do own several black headbands, I find a bold color adds a much more cheerful impact. Finish the look with a swipe of red lipstick because nothing brightens up a complexion quite like it.

My hair looks anything but coiffed these days. Mostly because my bangs are in that seriously awkward in-between length (too long to wear over my eyes, too short to tuck behind my ears) since I haven’t been able to have it trimmed. So I’ve been resorting to pretty hair clips to deflect my bad hair days, not to mention add some interest to my Zoom calls. Pearl or gold hair clips and colorful acrylic barrettes have been some of my favorite ways to jazz up my (unwashed) strands.

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For work video calls, I find a silk neck scarf adds instant polish (and a chic French-girl touch) to my basic tees. It’s a great no-brainer option in the morning when you find yourself rushing from workout to work call.


Not only are baseball hats trending among this season, but they’re also the perfect solution to disguise 3-day-old unwashed hair (are you sensing a theme here?). Plus, they’re the coolest finishing touch to wear with your sweats.

I’m starting to think detachable collars are the absolute best accessory ever invented. (Plus, they’re positively perfect for video conference calls!) Vintage-inspired oversize collars are trending hard right now, and if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a wide-collared blouse, then I highly suggest opting for a detachable collar that you can easily mix and match over your tops. Side note: If you do want to invest in a collared blouse, this Ganni one is divine. Etsy has a variety of pretty lace collars and Sea NY does a slightly more expensive (but gorgeous) version that I’ve spotted on a plethora of influencers. I found this frilly collar I’m wearing over my beige crew-neck sweater on Amazon for $15. It adds a charming fashion-forward touch to my cardigans, T-shirts, and sweaters alike.

A little over $10, but worth it!

Jewelry is, of course, one of the chicest ways to bring any outfit to life. If you’re going to buy one (okay, maybe even two), things to amp up your WFH outfits, I’d make it a trending gold chain collar necklace or some chic gold hoop earrings. I found some good affordable options that will add that little “extraness” to my basic tees.

Black ribbons have a chic, Chanel-esque vibe, and we’ve spotted them in the strands of the street style set at many a fashion week. I’ve been styling my hair in braids a lot lately (an easy option straight out of the shower), so instead of using a basic hair tie, I’ll secure it with a bow ribbon hair tie instead. I’ve found them in several colors on Amazon.

Scrunchies have seen a welcome come back among the fashion set and celebrities alike this past year, and I’m 100% here for it. My top buns look all the more fun because of them! For my virtual hangouts, I’m opting for colorful scrunchies with cool prints and patterns such as tie-dye and florals that add just the right amount of pizzazz for my virtual happy hours. 

We’re giving our bobby pins a chic upgrade.

I use this pearl and gold eyewear chain on my sunglasses, but they’d look seriously chic on reading glasses too. 

These cool ear cuffs were practically made for Zoom.

The easiest way to lean into the tie-dye trend.

Tie back your hair and show off your gold hoops with a twist.

A bright baseball hat will liven up your call.

Jazz up your basic white tee with cool necklace chains.

This looks much more expensive than its price tag.

Wear it as a headband, a headscarf, or a neck scarf. Either way, it will add interest to your look.

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Author Judith Jones | Whowhatwear
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