Why Christian Siriano Is Making Medical Masks in Color: “It Helps Us Get Through the Day”

April 24, 2020 at 02:54PM


Christian Siriano’s impressive team has now shipped over 10,000 masks to medical workers on the front lines fighting the coronavirus crisis, and his good friend Kelly Clarkson hopped on a video call with him for a candid interview about the process. Siriano was in his New York City office space at the time, and he elaborated on how wildly different the task at hand feels, especially since his sewers are used to creating couture dresses:

“It’s wild. After I tweeted at the governor and they responded, they gave us permission to open my office with a small team. My sewers are couture sewers, and now they’re making masks. It’s quite monotonous work, and it’s the same thing over and over again. In the beginning, we were only making white masks, but then I was like, ‘We need to have color.’ We’ve done almost 15,000 masks, and your eyes are bulging out from looking at the same thing. It’s hard to make quality control when you don’t have a mask factory.”

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Christian has been posting nonstop on Instagram about his team’s tireless efforts and also inviting followers to make donations through his website. Siriano, whose Instagram feed has always been a rainbow’s worth of colors, is now keeping up with his true sense of style in more ways than one. While we’re seeing fewer posts of floor-sweeping gowns exploding in color, it brightens our day just as much to see piles of medical masks in color as Christian and his team keep up with their initiative. Scroll down to watch a snippet from Siriano’s interview, then check out the sketches Siriano surprised Kelly with for her birthday.

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Author Sarah Wasilak | Popsugar
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