It’s Only April—but These Are Already the Sandals of 2020

April 26, 2020 at 07:05AM

Every summer, there’s a standout sandal style that seems to be just about everywhere. Two years ago, it was The Row’s barely-there strappy sandals, and last year Bottega Veneta’s square-toe mules were ubiquitous amongst the fashion set. And while spring/summer 2020 has only just begun, already this year we’re seeing one key footwear style start to emerge as the frontrunner for shoe of the season.

Yes, it may only be April and we might be spending much less time in shoes, but platform flip flops have already started showing up all over our social media feeds, solidifying themselves as the style of summer. The Row can once again certainly be credited for sparking the return of these ’90s shoes, thanks to its £700 luxury leather iteration, which have been worn by Monikh, Lucy Williams and Brittany Bathgate.

Lucy Williams wearing the Ginza flip flops by The Row. If these flip flops feel familiar, it’s because they featured in many 90s teenage shows and films—Julia Stiles wore a similar pair in the cult film 10 Things I Hate About You. They also look like they are straight from a Mary Kate and Ashley straight-to-VHS film from the ’90s. 

Monikh wearing the Ginza flip flops by The Row. Shoes of this style have unsurprisingly also started to pop up across contemporary and high-street brands. Neous have created their own flip flops, featuring a unique wooden platform detail, while Mango have also jumped on the trend offering a heeled version of the shoe. Arket’s padded high-street versions, which have been championed by a number of influencers (and have already sold out) and Monki’s super-stacked flip flops with satin straps, make it clear this sandal trend is set to be big over the next few months. 

Brittany Bathgate wearing the Ginza flip flops by The Row. If you’re still in need of a little convincing, keep scrolling to see the Ginza slides—and more 90s-style sandals, including more simple flip flops if you’re not quite ready for the platform. 

Hannah Crosskey wears a pair of stacked flip flops from Arket. 


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