The 4 Outfits Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear If She Were Working From Home in 2020

May 01, 2020 at 06:00AM


She spent many a morning tapping away at her laptop; pontificating on the meaning of love, men, and Manolo Blahniks; mooching ’round her flat in boxer shorts; cradling a cup of coffee; and gazing blankly out the window. Yes, I have no doubt that Carrie Bradshaw would be well-versed in the art of working from home if she lived in modern-day Manhattan. We might’ve left her immortalised in 2004, but it doesn’t take much to picture her in 2020, iPhone in hand, navigating the politics of online dating during lockdown, all the while updating her Instagram feed with arty mirror selfies and desperately tweeting Il Cantinori about its takeout service. (She hasn’t used her oven in 25 years.) 

Of course, we all know that in reality, a freelance writer with a designer shoe habit could never afford to live on the Upper East Side, but this is magical TV land, and we’ll take all the escapism we can get right now. So in the spirit of things, we couldn’t help but wonder what CB would wear at home had the series run today.

We decided to fabricate four imaginary working-from-home looks that we would’ve loved to see Ms. Bradshaw in and included plenty of references to some of her most iconic getups but updated them for 2020. From clogs (who else would dare to attempt this trend?) and fluffy mules to blinged-up cardis and menswear shirts, scroll down to see the outfits Carrie would wear during lockdown. 

Style Notes: Carrie loved a good sultry slip, and I can totally imagine her lounging on Aidan’s chair, phone in hand, cocooned in a men’s jumper with fluffy mule-clad feet and a pearl headband for good measure. 


Style Notes: If anyone were going to embrace the clog trend, it’d be Carrie Bradshaw. She’d clip clop around the house in them in a tank dress, oversize hoops and a bum bag. 

Style Notes: I couldn’t not include an ode to Carrie’s throw-everything-at-it aesthetic, which I’ve updated for 2020 with an embellished cardi, checked shorts, sliders and look-at-me earrings. High-low styling at its best (or worst, depending on how you look at it).

Style Notes: Carrie could never resist the opportunity to pad around her bedroom in an oversize shirt and socks, and I can imagine that this would lend itself to a dress-from-the-waist-up Zoom call. Classically, she would allow a glimpse of bra (NSFW is so 2019) and add a bit of bling via a chunky chain.

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Author Joy Montgomery | Whowhatwear
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