28 Outfits That Make Basics Look Interesting

28 Outfits That Make Basics Look Interesting

May 09, 2020 at 06:00AM

Minimalism is really having its moment this season. Thanks to The Row and Bottega Veneta, the pared-back approach to dressing has really taken hold in 2020. However, and perhaps this is more of a personal problem, is that I always struggle to keep this aesthetic looking interesting. Sure, I can dabble with a white-shirt–and–black-trousers combo, but I can end up looking a bit like a waitress.

The thing is, I’m not a die-hard minimalist, so I haven’t honed the skills needed to really understand what it takes to make basics look super cool. And right now, with plenty of us working from home, basics are a must. So how do those who favour the above style keep it looking interesting when working from home? I spoke to four of my favourite minimalist Instagrammers and they all told me their secrets. Keep scrolling for 28 outfits that make basics look interesting, plus some great tips that will make you want to go minimalist full-time. 

“Right now, I can’t do without my cashmere loungewear. I have a few sets and absolutely love them. But to feel more put together on a working day, I’d say putting on makeup, a bit of jewellery (I don’t wear much) and a spritz of perfume help me feel ready. As for helping to draw a line between my working looks and downtime, I try and keep my WFH outfits to ones which don’t make me want to curl up on the sofa! So either a nice voluminous dress or laid-back tailoring, and I’ll always put on some shoes or sandals. Then on more relaxed days, I’ll wear some cashmere loungewear and cashmere socks with my Birkenstocks.”

“I can’t do without a really good pair of socks right now and my Uniqlo cashmere jumpers. (I buy from the men’s section.) I wear them around the house all day, then slip on some trainers to go for a walk. I love the white socks/white trainers combination so I still feel stylish even though I am only going for a walk. I avoid wearing sweatpants all day! I never thought I would be someone who wears jeans or trousers around the house, but here we are. At the end of the day, I put my comfies back on and it helps create some boundary between the working day and time to relax.”


“My advice would be to get out of your loungewear and wear what you would normally wear to work. And, of course, if it’s possible, work in a different room than where you spend your downtime. This motivates me to get dressed up because it feels like I’m going to the office. I’ve been wearing the ‘nice top with blue jeans’ look quite a lot at home lately. It’s casual, but it feels like I’ve made an effort. Also, when I get out of my pjs, I’m not tempted to just chill all day. Also, I’m wearing my earrings and rings all the time now. I never used to wear jewellery at home before, but I feel really polished when I do.”

“As someone who works from home usually, I haven’t noticed any massive changes in my dressing habits (maybe just a few more pyjamas days than I usually would), but what I have found myself doing is shopping my own wardrobe more in a bid to get creative with what I already own. It’s been a good exercise to really dig through everything, styling things in new ways and falling in love with older pieces again.

“Also, when working from home, don’t feel like you can’t still dress up as you usually would for work. I’ve found there to be something quite fun and enjoyable about dressing up for a day of Zoom meetings and then as soon as it’s time to clock off, I put on my cashmere joggers and a comfy sweater. A pair of tailored trousers never fail to make me feel smart. I’ve been reaching for wider and straight leg styles, so I am still comfortable while at home all day. Failing that, I put on a great dress! My final tip would be (even if I have a ‘no makeup and joggers’ kind of day) putting some earrings and a necklace on to instantly feel more polished.”

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