What French Girls Wear on Their Days Off

What French Girls Wear on Their Days Off

May 11, 2020 at 06:20PM

When we find ourselves in a style rut, we can always rely on French women to help us out of it. With an effortless approach to styling and the ability to make even the most basic of pieces look premium, we’re constantly inspired by their wares. Which got us thinking, how do French women dress for their days off?

We mainly see them elegantly sipping coffee under striped awnings or strolling serenely along the Seine, but what do they wear when they’re rambling around the house or catching up on chores? As expected, they still look effortlessly elegant when they’re off the clock.

From failsafe jeans and cardigan combinations to billowing dresses and tennis skirts, keep scrolling to see seven flawless casual French-girl outfits, then proceed to shop the pieces you need to re-create them. 

Style Notes: French girls absolutely love cardigans, and Jeanne Damas is no exception. She often favours cropped, short-sleeve styles, which she pairs with simple vest tops and classic denim. 

Style Notes: It’s a common misconception that French women don’t wear bright colours. Ellie takes standout colours in her stride, even in the form of joggers when she’s off the clock. 

Style Notes: “Casual” doesn’t necessarily mean jeans—many French girls waft around the house in billowing, non-constricting dresses. Cue Sabina Socol’s gorgeous Sleeper dress. 

Style Notes: Thanks to their effortless ease, jumpsuits are a firm fixture in every French girl’s wardrobe. We love how Aude Julie gives hers a high/low balance with the addition of sneaks and a ladylike handbag. 


Style Notes: See? We told you French girls adore cardigans. Anne wears this cable-knit style regularly—almost always with flared jeans and white shoes. 

Style Notes: Like Sabina, Claire opts for satin textures to help elevate her relaxed vest-top–and-jeans look. 

Style Notes: Athleisure isn’t a trend we’d usually associate with the French, but by the way of a tennis skirt, chunky trainers and a zip-knit, Camille strikes a sporty-chic balance. 

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