Everyone We Know Owns a Pair of These Cult Sneakers

May 18, 2020 at 05:00AM

When Emma Watson and Meghan Markle wore a pair of trainers by the conscious French brand Veja, it quickly became one of the most talked-about sneaker brands in the UK. The classic white basket sneaks (made from recycled plastic bottles and wild rubber) feature the distinctive V logo in varying colours on each side.

Emma Watson first wore the trainers back in October 2016, but it wasn’t until 18 months later that the seemingly simple lace-ups started gaining such widespread popularity. Much like other classic trainers (think Converse and Vans), these are rapidly becoming a staple for when you need a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes. Plus, these sneakers are so minimalist in design that they work with every type of ensemble—from midi dresses to straight-leg jeans.

The Veja V-10 leather trainers arrived on Net-a-Porter in early 2017 and became the second and third best-selling pieces globally (only beaten out by a Gucci T-shirt) the same week they launched. Now I spot these trainers constantly on Instagram, as they seem to have become the most popular sneakers to own.

While I was out for my daily walk last week, I saw four separate women wearing the red, white and blue pair. And if that’s not enough to make you want a pair, then you might change your mind after scrolling our edit of the best Veja trainers. Plus, there’s even a guide to how fashion girls are wearing theirs for outfit inspiration.

Style Notes: Tine Andrea cleverly uses her Vejas to dress down a pair of tailored trousers and a blazer.

Style Notes: Alongside dresses and trousers, Vejas make for the perfect pairing with a midi skirt, as seen on Eunice Abe.

Style Notes: Meghan swaps her usual courts for kicks. 

Style Notes: Alice Catherine pairs her Vejas with a must-have polka-dot dress.


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