May 22, 2020 at 06:00AM

“Trend” has become a dirty word of late, as we all endeavour to slow down the cyclical nature of fashion and try to shop more mindfully, avoiding anything that will date quickly. It’s a much needed change that should be high on the agenda of every fashion office in the world and is certainly impacting how I approach my own work every day. As a fashion editor, I feel a sense of responsibility about how I choose to write about trends and shopping, and certainly don’t want to give the impression that you should reinvent your wardrobe or style every six months. I promise “over” and “ditch” are words you’ll never see in my stories, and I’ll only feature items or styling tricks I really believe are worth investing in. 

The thing I find about microtrends, however, is that because they bubble under the surface, never becoming too saturated or mainstream, they tend to actually have a longer lifespan than most. They also tend to be a little more fun and playful, meaning they can be a great way to inject some personality into your trusty staples.

After making a list of the nine microtrends I’ve seen popping up on my Instagram feed in the lead up to summer, I’ve noted three that really fit in with my own personal style and that I know I’ll wear for many summers to come. For me, I’m loving pretty daisy prints, linen shorts suits and picnic-rug prints.

If you’re craving something fresh to update into your existing summer wardrobe, keep scrolling to discover the nine microtrends we love—from colours to prints to accessories. 

Daisies have carpeted every patch of grass across the country this month, and they’re taking over our wardrobes too. Labels like Staud and Kitri have basically made me want to dress like a human daisy chain. Plus, this is a classic floral print that will always look pretty.

If you’re looking for a summer version of joggers and a comfy jumper, look no further than the linen shorts set. These are made for lazy Sundays or days at the beach for when travel resumes.

When it comes to prints, I keep spotting joyful patterns that remind me of a picnic blanket—from rainbow-coloured ginghams to preppy stripes. 

This summer oranges have taken over avocados as the most Instagrammed food, and as a result, many are adding tangerine hues into their wardrobes. It is the ultimate mood-boosting colour.

Tie-dye has gone from a microtrend to, well, a massive one this summer, but one break-off trend is tie-dye socks. If you don’t want to try to tie-dye your own socks, Free People has the best selection.

This is a trend that might not have made our list if it wasn’t for the lockdown, but Nike socks and crop tops have become sought-after loungewear items. 

Socks and sandals will probably make it onto our summer microtrends list every single year, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

We can thank brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Molly Goddard for this one, and it’s a dreamy trend that has a fairytale-like dimension to it.

Like socks and sandals, bucket hats have featured on our microtrend lists for years. Arket’s linen £55 hat is a way to dip your toes into this trend if the ’90s bold prints feel too out-there for you.

Next up, see our guide to the key trends for spring/summer 2020.

Author Emma Spedding | Whowhatwear
Selected by CWC

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